Thursday, August 28, 2008

Six Degrees of Seperation

This morning my husband had a lab appointment at Mayo Clinic. He was originally scheduled to go yesterday, but he was still traveling so I rescheduled it for this morning. When he arrived for his appointment he sat next to this woman in the waiting area. She was talking with someone else but she was talking about Project Runway. Apparently her niece is Kenley Collins. Guess that makes my husband just two degrees from Kenley and three degrees from all the other designers and judges.

How Fun!

My dear husband did what any good husband would do - He immediately picked up the phone and called me. He said "Have you ever heard of Kenley Collins?" Since he woke me up, I couldn't answer him before he told me the story of who he was sitting next to and that he was glad we watched it last night so he knew all about the show. The Aunt asked my husband to ask me if I liked Kenley. Of course I said yes. Goodness LOL I couldn't begin to remember what outfit she sent down the runway last night though - so we watched it again this morning when he got home.

I guess I'm glad he couldn't make his appointment yesterday!


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