Saturday, August 16, 2008

Name your house

I have always wanted to name my home.

In Nebraska people have ranches - the Circle Bar Ranch, the Double J, Martha Stewart has Turkey Hill, the Queen of England has Windsor Castle, Scarlett O'Hara had Tara. A few years ago my husband and I lived in a house which I did name, but it didn't stick. I named the place Lima Charley. That's pilots speak for LC - the first letters of both of our last names. It was fun for the community where we lived but still, I couldn't seem to make that house into Lima Charley.

How does one make the house name stick? Do you have to have a sign in the yard? Should there be a plaque on the house? Do you have to have lots and lots of land?

I just don't know.

My husband has a small little place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that has a name, it's called Piper Camp. His family has a place just a few miles from Piper Camp called Dead Mans Farm. Those names stuck. The neighbors know the places by name, not by street address.

Right now I live in a condo. I feel like I should put a plaque on the door that states that this is the "__________ Suite" just like a fine hotel. Filling in the blank is the hardest part. What do you name a condo?

I once thought about buying a B&B (Bed and Breakfast) and I was very excited about naming the rooms. It's the little things, isn't it. Not the income from the business, not the breakfast menus or the comfort of the beds...all I could think about was naming the rooms! Good thing we didn't go through with that plan.

I do own some rental properties and I've been thinking of naming them. They are also small condos in a large community, but being a rental it seems easier to have them named, than our home. Right now they are 502, 504 and 206 --ooooh, exciting!!

I found this site that helps you come up with a name for your home. I might poke around a bit.

Have you ever thought of naming your home or land? Is your home already named? Do tell!

Have a great weekend!


Kate said...

Hi! thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm glad my sad sad track record w/ men made you laugh. You have no idea what it's like to be the last unmarried 29 year old woman in Utah :-D Got any cute guys down in Florida? As for naming houses...Everyone named their houses in Hawaii when i lived there but not so much here in Utah-ville. I lived in the Shoe House in Hawaii. My parents home is LaLa Land. All the grandkids call my mom LaLa so that's where it came from. We are thinking about a sign out front...but my dad has threatened to move out if that happens. Have a great day!

Tom said...

We named ours Harbour Place. It is on the Starboard side of a small harbor off the St.Johns.

1st time we have ever named one of our residents.

Christopher Robinson said...

I've always wanted to name my house and have the name all picked out. I've promised myself I'll do it when we buy a summer home.

You know, so we can tell them apart....

I live in a house in Chicago where most of my neighbors have lived on the block for 40-50 years. THEY call my house "The Johnson House" (I think), after the earlier owners.

Jersey Girl 43 said...

I have a place at the shore that I named Sea Castle. I name everything. I have some investment properties too and I name them so I can keep my paperwork straight. My house I live in is the last to be named, it doesn't yet have a personality, but it will come to me...

"J" said...

I would like to name our lake house! This is something I've been thinking about doing...funny that you did a post on it! I might not name it but just get a plaque for the front door that says our last name (well, once we get married in March)!

The name on the list that cracked me up the most was "Two Hoots"!!!!

There is a lady that lives across the street from us and she does weekend lake house rentals in our neighborhood! I was helping her name her lake house rental because that is how she list them on her website...that way she knows the "HOUSE NAME" when someone calls her about the rental! Any ways I came up with the name for her "A Lake Escape"! We used "A" first so it would show up first in the listings!!! =) Smart...huh?