Monday, November 03, 2008

Cell Phone

My cell phone had a minorish melt down the other day. I was talking with my mother on the phone when all of a sudden, blip, she was gone. I tried to call her back, there was no ring. She tried to call me, it didn't ring. I can use my phone menu options, check the address book and the time, but making phone calls or receiving them isn't happening. I did finally call her back on the land line phone so we could finish talking about her kitchen remodel.

My husband and I have been counting the hours until we can switch our cell phone carrier. We have Cingular/AT&T (fewest dropped calls) and we want Verizon. We get dropped all the time. Both of our flip houses were a dead zone. Couldn't get a call in our out half the time. If we did, you had to talk fast because the call would be dropped, no question.

I sent my husband over to AT&T today to find out when our contract was over and he found out if was Nov 9th. He is leaving before the 9th. So he asked how we could switch before he left town and still keep our phone numbers and we were told it would cost us a month fee, plus an early termination fee. For ending our contract 4 days early, we'd be penalized $175. (I think that's what he said)

So it looks like I have to go find out how much it's going to cost to get my phone fixed and see if it's less than $175. Since my husband is leaving town for awhile and I will be leaving the day after he returns we won't be able to get this plan changed until we are both back in town. I can't be without my phone for a month and my phone number is the number used in all of my advertising for our rental condos.

What a mess.

I was so anxious to get a new phone and new plan. This phone that we've had for the past two years is just one of the worst phones I have ever had. I have hated it. Originally I hated it because it was hard to open. Seriously, getting the darn thing to flip open to talk is difficult! Even two years later I have a hard time getting it open. The old phone I had had a great camera feature - you could click with one finger and not even have to open the phone. This phone you have to open it, go to the menu section, scroll scroll scroll to the camera section, click on it and then who knows what - I've only taken one picture with this phone.

Ugh. I was hoping to get the new phone this week. I'm just bummed. Now that my phone is broken I'm even more bummed. Can you see me? I'm totally being dramatic.

I'll be very excited when I get the new phone and I'll let you know when it happens. Until then, Ugh.

Have a great week!


"J" said...

I feel your pain with AT&T! I'm the same way! I can't stand AT&T! I have a work I can't say to much...ya know?

Maybe you can go into the store and talk to them. Maybe, just maybe they will feel your pain and let you switch! It's only 5 freaking days! Call into the 800 #! Maybe they will let you break it! Check with Verizon! They might hook you up with a deal so you aren't hit with the AT&T contract fees!

Just check around!

Milehimama said...

Can you get call forwarding for a few days? Even if you bought a disposable cell phone to have your calls forwarded to, it would probably be cheaper than $175!

Kirby3131 said...

I hadn't thought of call forwarding!! Now that is something I can do. My husband and I are going to both places together today to get this worked out hopefully, but the call forwarding thing is excellent.

Megryansmom said...

Ughhhh, we just got new phones and I would be so lost without mine. Try buying a disposable phone ?? Thanks for stopping by the other day!