Sunday, November 23, 2008


Saturday nights are pretty emotional for me. I usually spend two hours on the verge of tears or wiping tears streaming down my face. Every so often I let out a little sob, too. No, I'm not having a planned emotional break down every Saturday night, I'm actually watching TV. "John Edward Cross Country" He is a psychic medium and boy oh boy do his readings get to me.

I first heard about John Edward and his TV show, "Crossing Over," when my husband and I were attending a conference at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. What a great place to stay, by the way.) The show was on in the morning and I remember standing at the foot of the bed unable to move until the commercial breaks. I have always been interested in mediums, psychic energy, fortune telling and astrology. This man that was on TV was incredible. I remember even calling my Mother and telling her about this man and she said that she'd caught the show once or twice.

When I got home I forgot about looking for the show, but in the middle of the night, I'd remember of course. I finally found the show and taped a few episodes, but they were hard to find. So for the next few years it was hit and miss if I saw his shows. I bought a few of his books and have read them a few times.

John Edward is back on again, fairly regularly. Now I have a DVR, too - so I can just record the shows and watch them when I'm alone or when my husband is asleep. The only problem is that I can't go to sleep after watching the show because my eyes will puff up something awful while I sleep. My eyes will be nearly swollen shut when I wake up in the morning. If I stay up for an hour or so after, I won't have those puffy eyes.

The WE TV channel that carries the John Edward show has started carrying a new show called "The Locator" in the hour before John's show. This is about a team of people who reunite people who have been lost to each other for a long time. This can be parents who gave children up for adoption, a person looking for their long lost best friend or children looking for parents. Oh goodness - talk about a cry fest! sheesh.

I had the house to myself this Saturday and just finished watching those shows. Now I'm in my hour of "detox" so my eyes will be be recovered enough to sleep. To outsiders, it may seem like a lot of emotional distress to put myself through, but I love the stories told in the shows, I love the feelings the readings bring out in me, I love thinking of my loved ones.
For years I have ended my seminars and groups by asking people to communicate, appreciate and validate the people they love in their lives.
John Edward
This is just so important. Talk to your loved ones. Tell them you love them. Tell them you are proud of them. I hope I do that enough, although my phone calls to my sisters are not as frequent as I'd like, they know I love them. I tell them, they don't have to guess. I tell my husband I love him. My maternal grandparents both passed this last year and they knew I loved them, too. Don't just assume that the people you love know you love them - tell them. If you get nothing else out of this tear filled, sappy blog post - communicate, appreciate and validate.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Dr. Cason said...

I've always been attracted to those type of shows as well. It fascinates me that there may be other dimensions that we don't even recognize. And yes I always cried too.

"J" said...

Shad just watched him the other night!!!