Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In the Mail

I got a gift in the mail the other day. It was so exciting that I almost didn't want to open it! I had to though - these weren't just for me. I bought some cards and something else to give as gifts.

I got these lovely packages from Nesta an Etsy seller. Go ahead, go on over to the site and see what fun and funky stuff is available.

Aren't these so nice? That little black and white silhouette is an actual pin. I just never expected such nice packaging.

I love a fun surprise!!



Dr. Cason said...

As they say with cooking you eat first with your eyes...I guess it's the same with packaging.

You know it's great if you didn't even want to open it!

Leigh said...

how lovely! Man, I wanna know whats inside!