Thursday, November 13, 2008

QVC, HSN & Etsy

I have purchased many items from QVC and HSN. I have found great deals, free shipping and great food, too. Right now I'm watching (and reading blogs on my computer) but the TV is on the Great Gifts segment on QVC. So far, not great gifts. You can put a picture on a coffee mug! You can get a faux mink blanket. Lets talk about CD cases. uhhh, it's all blah blah blah. I'm totally not in the mood.

Usually I get sucked into the hype of a great vacuum or the flawless look of mineral makeup. In the past, I've purchased a little cell phone holder with a great pocket. It was my purse for several years. I've purchased ribs from Corky's BBQ in Memphis, TN (Awesome ribs by the way.) I've purchased many a Christmas gift from QVC or HSN, but so far none for this year.

Maybe it's the host, maybe it's the product or maybe it's because I've found Etsy. I have seen & purchased so many cool handmade items on Etsy this year I can just hardly think of anything else. Nothing seems to be as wonderful or quirky or fabulous.

I'm still going to get my dad some applewood smoked bacon. He told me it was one of his favorite things to have on hand and he rarely does. I just filed that piece of info into my brain because my dad is one tough cookie in the gift department.

Oooh, we have makeup on QVC right now -- Jet Set is the product. 18 shades of Lipstick! (I use one color) I'm turning the channel. I think I taped Survivor this evening.

Have a fabulous night and go browse through Etsy and see if you can find something wonderful to give someone on your gift list this year.


gingela5 said...

I've actually NEVER ordered anything through either of those places. I am always sucked in to watching them and occassionally I WANT to buy something but I never go through with it! Probably for the best! :)

"J" said...

One Friday night I was at home sick and Shad was left alone to watch TV....never will I do that again! He wakes me up to tell me he is going to buy the The Esteban Camaro Legend Limited Edition Guitar Package!!!!|1042&prev=hp!1042&ccm=ec|1042

It makes me laugh just thinking about it!!!!!!!!!!!! I could sooooooooooooooooooo NOT see him doing this!!!!!

Well, we have had it since September'ish and he has only messed with it a few times! Whatever!!! lol