Sunday, November 02, 2008

It's Working

In September I wrote about the cold that almost was and how I believed that Zicam worked to keep that cold at bay. I wrote about it here - Cough Cough.

I've been working on the flip house in Springfield with my husband and our handyman, Rob. Rob came to work with a cough the other day. I stayed away from him. By the end of the day, my husband was coughing. I stayed away from him as well. As soon as I got home I took Zicam rapid melt tablets (Orange is by far the best tasting) - then I went to the pharmacy and picked up DayQuil/NyQuil tablets for the husband and some more Zicam for me. I got the gel swabs and some more of the rapid melt tablets. The gel swabs are for your nose. You unlock the little tube and swab the inside of each nostril. I actually hated this, but I was afraid that sleeping in the same room as my husband was going to cause me to get this cold. I thought the gel swabs were a better defense. So far it has worked. I had a cough and a runny nose two days after the boys had their coughs, but mine lasted about 2 hours. Seriously, 2 hours. That was 4 days ago.

My husband is finally feeling a bit better. He must have sneezed for three days straight. Now he's into the coughing phase. Yuck. The DayQuil/NyQuil has really helped my husband deal with the symptoms of the cold, but he still feels pretty bad. The Zicam has helped me. I am still taking the rapid melts, but not the gel swabs. Next time I think he'll take me more serious when I tell him to take the Zicam!

I know, this is a commercial for Zicam, but I have never ever found anything that helped me NOT get a cold. If my husband got sick then I was sick. It was just fact. Now if I get that tickle in my throat or if someone around me has a cold, I just take Zicam. I feel like it's a force field keeping all those nasty bugs away from me. I should become a spokesperson for the stuff because I am a true believer.

Have a great day!

Leigh from Tales from Bloggeritaville said in the comments that I should link this post up with The Bunnies Bungalow and her product review Monday posts. So I did!

Thanks Leigh and Welcome all of the Bunnies Bungalow faithful readers!


Leigh said...

Oh, I will so try this!

Leigh said...

You need to go to my distraction list and go to Bunny Bungalow and link to your story. She has a product review every monday.

Kirby3131 said...

Done and Done! Thanks Leigh!

LivingTheLife said...

Found you through Deb's at Bunnies Bungalow...and YES...we are firm believers in Ziacam, also. My husband travels quite extensively...always on a plane with ALL those nasty germs. He starts each flight with a day or so of taking Airborne (which we also love) BUT if for some reasons those pesty germs fight their way through that barrier...he starts very quickly on really does seem to help. At one point he actually got a cold before starting the Ziacam therapy...but as soon as he knew...he started taking those tabs...and I swear it shortened the "sick" time by days!

Go Ziacam....:)


gingela5 said...

Wow that's awesome! I'll keep that in mind as the cold months creep up!

"J" said...

I've never heard of this stuff! If I feel sick this is what I'm going for at the local CVS! =)

Thanks girlie!!!!