Monday, November 17, 2008


I tempted fate today.

I have been wanting to wash the curtains in my bedroom for a few months now. I could see the dust and kitty fur on the tops and bottoms of the fabric - If I could see it laying in bed with the lights off, it was pretty thick. OK, the lights were on, but still.

I wanted to wait to wash the curtains for a time when my husband would be gone for a few days in case something happened and I'd need to go out and get new curtains. I didn't want the stress of having to explain the mounds of fabric being tossed in the trash, if that should be the case.

My husband is gone, but I haven't had a ladder! I was going to bring the ladder home the day I got into that accident. Then my rental car was that tiny Ford Focus and maybe a 6 foot ladder would have fit in there, but I decided not to try. However, this morning I got a phone call - The car was finished and ready to be picked up. I brought home the car and a ladder! The car looks incredible, by the way.

OK, so I brought the ladder in and took the curtains off the rod and as I was pulling down the last one I looked at the tag and it said "Dry Clean Only." I looked at the ingredients and it said - Rayon and cotton. Ahhh heck, I wash rayon and cotton all the time. I've still got a week before the husband gets home, so into the washer the curtains went. I do have a front loader washer and dryer, so that helps. I put the setting on Handwash, cold and extra rinse. Then when that was over, I had it spin again on medium to get a little more water out.

As I took them out of the washer I was holding my breath. I was sure I was going find lots of fuzz and lint and possibly thin spots in the fabric. Nothing. These curtains washed like a new pair of jeans. They looked incredible and smelled so clean!

Now those curtains are in the dryer - on low. I'm not tempting fate that much to put the suckers on high heat. I am so excited. Clean curtains.

Here they are! Clean and back to their original post.

It's a Cheap Thrills Monday night!

*Not sure why there are lots of little white spots on the picture - but they aren't on the curtains lol


Tammy said...

I'm too cheap for curtains. Or too lazy. I can't remember which.

Glad you had perfect results.

Niamat said...

I see no spots lol !!
Happy for you ! I think I have to do the same for my white curtains :( they get dirty so fast( next time I will pick another color)!!

"J" said...

They look great and clean!!! =) That is the same color I have in my bedroom!!!!!

country girl said...

I have to remember that next time a label says "dry clean only" and rayon and cotton.

gingela5 said...

Nice! They look great! I usually don't have anything nice enough that has to be dry cleaned. And if it does then it never gets washed! hahaha