Thursday, November 20, 2008

I need to...

I need to buy a box of business sized envelopes.

I need to buy a mailbox to hang on the outside of the Springfield house. I could just paint the one that was there. Hmmmm, not sure. I'll have to think on it.

I must clean off my coffeetable - I had a minor avalanche today.

Mocha needs new/more kitty litter - she's nearly out. Food, too. She's nearly out of both wet and dry food.

I have hamburger that I need to cook up by tomorrow night.

I want to make some magnets for Thanksgiving, but I can't find my paper punch. I bet I have enough premade. I must look again.

I want to change the sheets on my bed, it's been awhile.

I have a secret santa gift I want to send off by Saturday. I can't forget to get the ribbon on the packages.

I'm in an ornament swap, but I mistakenly sent her ornament to my mothers house in Michigan. Guess I'll have to mail the ornament from Michigan lol

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving in Indianapolis, what should I wear? Do I need to buy a new outfit? Do I want to go shopping? I don't think so. But I may.

I am LOVING my Blackberry and finally understand the "crackberry" name it received...although I don't think I need to experience crack to understand what it means lol I want to text my sister. How does one do that? Hold on...
Ooooh, found it! How fun!!

I need to find a shower chair for my new tenant. That's a need for tomorrow. I need to return the shower chair that didn't fit.

I should download the pictures of Springfield I took today.

What books should I bring to read on the plane? Should I bring my blanket?

Don't forget to pick up Richard's wife and son at the airport on Saturday.

Tom comes home on Monday!!

Pay bills for condos

Deposit checks (or maybe deposit checks, then pay bills!)

These were just all of the lovely things swirling around in my brain. I have a lot of needs. I bet most of those items can be more of a want, rather than a need.

I have already written a list of all of the little items left to do at the Springfield house. I thought we were almost done, but I've filled up 5 pages of Post-It notes! Usually when my husband is not at home for an extended period of time I clean sections of the house -- like the time I pulled out nearly every item from our walk in closet. That was brutal, but productive! The closet looked beautiful. This time though, my time has been consumed by this flip house. I've decided that I'm not working over there Sat, Sun or Mon. It will be a very welcomed break. I'm hoping to dust during those three days. Maybe get to the coffeetable, too.

I feel better getting part of my list of things to do off my chest. Do you have anything to add to my list? If so, just let me know and I'll see if I can squeeze you in.

Have a fabulous, wonderful, incredibly magical Friday and weekend!


Leigh said...

WOW! Better get moving! You have alot on your plate! Have a great weekend!

Kirby3131 said...

I got a ton accomplished today. I think I knocked off a few things from this list, plus several more things that I didn't list here.

Thanks Leigh!

"J" said...

I had a list a mile long before Shad's party!!!! I'm guessing I got it all done because the party went GREAT!!!! =)

You have a lot of things to get done!!! Wow-wee!!!!