Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11 November 2009

I found this (the screen shot above) on when I was looking for images for 11:11.  Now I'll have to come back to talking about coincidences, but first I want to talk about  today - November 11th or 11/11/09.

This is one of my favorite days of the year because 11:11 is my favorite time of day.  I see 11:11 on the clock a lot.  Once a day is not a stretch, but I can probably say with great safety that I see 11:11 on the clock at least 5 days a week.  I don't make a wish, but I've heard that's one of the things that should be done when seeing 11:11.  I usually don't do anything but smile when I see the time - that and run to the kitchen to see 11:11 on the microwave, the stove and the big clock if I'm in the house.

I decided today that I was going to plan a party for 11/11/11.  I think that is a perfect day to have a big party.  Don't you think?  My friend Bob said she'd come if I planned the party - I'm thinking I'll have to get my guest room ready :)

The site that I mentioned above, talked briefly about coincidences and do we pay attention to them?  I'd say that I do!  I'm really into cheap thrills and coincidences are cheap thrills in my book.  If I see a bright yellow car for the first time in forever I will get a HUGE giggle if I see another one within a few days.  If I think of my friend Steve hard enough, he will call me within a day and if I am wanting Chinese food, I'll be fortunate enough to have a dinner planned at a local Chinese place by friends and am told to just show up :)  (that happened tonight!)

I sometimes wonder if thinking about something or talking to someone about something and then seeing that exact thing the next day or so is not a coincidence.  I see it more as my short term memory is still intact :)  or that I was newly attuned to a certain item.  I had really never noticed a Hyundai Santa Fe on the road until I bought one.  Now I am surrounded by them!

I hope you had a wonderful Veteran's Day and a happy November 11th.  I'll see you at my place on this date in 2011??  RSVP please :)



Just Breathe said...

I love coincidences. Many of the ones I see are Godincidences. I will be there 11/11/11!

jb said...

I am soooo there for the long weekend...just ME, sorry kids! You will have to break the news gently to Mocha!
I LIVE for coincidences...and attach great meaning to them all the time. Best example: When i think about my mother and put it out there that I miss her, one of her fav movies will pop onto TCM in a day or two, such as The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, or Topper. I will stop and watch the movie for the gazillionth time, and pretend that my mom is saying ILU from Heaven, just for me!

Anonymous said...

I love coincidences too - I think a party on 11/11/11 is an awesome idea.

jennifer said...

I will be here on 11/11/11 at 11:11. This is my RSVP.

I am requesting a reminder please.

Kikolani said...

I found that image on the PostSecret blog. While some coincidences are just random, I find that others are reminders of something that we might have put out of our mind which we should focus on again for our own benefit. Thanks for sharing my post!

~ Kristi