Monday, November 02, 2009

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

I'm exhausted.  I could use some of the power that Sonic possesses :)

I spent the day yesterday with my feet up, sipping iced tea and having my husband wait on me hand and foot, so that I could be all rested for today.

It didn't work.

Actually, I'm pulling your leg!

I'm tired, this is true but I worked on getting the house back to some semblance of order yesterday so that I could meet the day today with at least one set of things done.

I needed to go see my tenants since I hadn't been able to see them at all and really didn't talk to them much while I was gone either.  I also needed to pick up the rent checks, too - so that was nice.   I couldn't pay any of the mortgages though until the checks were in the bank, so it was a rush to get all that accomplished.  Two of the three people that I saw really needed to chat.   It's one of the things that I like to do for them...just let them chat and tell me what's bothering them.  There is just so much stress waiting for a transplant that it's good to be able to let it all out to someone who's been there already.

So I chatted with two of my tenants, hustled off to the bank before 2 so that the checks would post today.  Then over to the pharmacy to try to straighten out the prescription debacle that happened while I was gone.   (I got it fixed)  Then to the grocery store because my husband ran out of pepper last night, seconds after I got back from the store, but I made him wait until today :)  Next I had to pay the bills, so that could be done at home.  Write out checks,  pay some online, check and double check, file the receipts, now dash off to my bank to put some money in that account & drop the bills at the post office.  I didn't realize it was just a few moments before 4pm and my bank closes at 4.  Of course I missed it.  I'll have to get there right away in the morning because my ego's writing checks my body can't cash or something like that.

Cooked up some chicken breasts so that I can have meals ready to eat for lunches, did the dishes, made some phone calls and harassed my husband.  Goodness!  Life is difficult :)

I haven't taken a single photo in two days, so I'll leave you with the photos that someone took of Zora in her Halloween costume.  She went as Sonic the Hedgehog.  Alison, my mom, and Jim's step mom all worked on the costume.  As I mentioned to someone else that it truly does take a village to make a Halloween costume!

Thanks Tricia for telling me that I should go ahead and post the photos of her!  Halloween comes but just once a year.  We can handle a few more costume photos, right?

The NaBloPoMo site for today is someone who hasn't blogged in awhile but I just love her writing, her photos and her compassion.  Please take a visit to Dr. Cason.  Enjoy!

Have a wonderful night.


Condo Blues said...

That Sonic costume is brilliant. Great job village people!

denise said...

oh no...what have i done? i just joined nablopomo which is both very exciting and means i am even more behind on keeping up with husband is going out of town this week and i look forward to catching up on your blog...i'll look you up on that site, too...cute costume photos!

jb said...

Thank you! I have been waiting to see Ms Z in all her blue glory! I knew you would post her!

Anonymous said...

love the costume LOLOL .. homemade ones are the best!

Sheila @ Dr said...

Hey!'s been a while huh?

Glad to see you are still around as well! :)

Anonymous said...

I was looking up Sonic reference and was curious about this costume photo. As Sonic has been my favorite game character since 1992 its cool to see he still resonates with kids nearly twenty years later!