Monday, November 09, 2009

Saturday at the Market

I've been home a week and a day now.  Well maybe a week and two days.  The day after I got back I hardly moved off the couch so I really wasn't counting that day.   But now that I'm officially home and off the couch, I was able to attend the Riverside Arts Market on Saturday.  It was Fire Department day so there were lots of kids at the market, lots of little plastic firemens hats and two fire trucks.

I love it when you can see that an old car or in this case fire truck was actually used.  The grill is dented, banged up and used.  The paint is such a deep red color.  It was just beautiful. 

Here's what I could get of the antique truck.  There wasn't a moment when this truck wasn't surrounded by men.  They loved this old gal :)  (Are firetrucks gals?)  Anyway, I decided to just take a photo of the truck with all the guys standing around it. 

I watched this Fireman climb up this ladder and I have to tell you that my knees got weak.   I'm not afraid of heights in general, but I am very very very uncomfortable on a tall ladder.  I get pretty shaky climbing up one over 5 feet or so.  It was truly terrifying watching him climb all the way to the top.  I wondered what the people driving by on the highway above thought when they saw the fireman at the top of that ladder! 

The sign in front of this juggler said that he was 15 years old.  He did a pretty good job!  He juggled those fire batons  up and down, around his body, through his legs, high up in the air and twirling around - pretty fun.  He had a lot of props behind him, so I bet he's going to put on a pretty good show.  I didn't stay for a whole lot of his performance, but I tossed a dollar into his bucket all the same.

I asked the woman who was the creative force in River City Artworks if I could take a photo of her Let It Snow collage.  I just loved it!  I asked her if she had it listed on her River City Artworks Etsy site.  She said no it wasn't but she'd list it.  I still don't see it there, but she may have sold it.  It was darling.  I'll have to send her an email and tell her that I've blogged about it and if it's still for sale, to get it on her site!

Her business cards were just genius!!  I loved this.  She just put her stickers on playing cards.  They weren't new cards either, they were well worn.  I bet she picked up the cards for a song because she didn't need to have a full deck.

A few weeks before I went to Michigan I took these photos.  I totally forgot about them, but while I'm talking about the market I decided to pull up these photos.  The guy in the photo above is named Richard.  He and I were joking around and I told him I blogged.  He said that he was blogworthy, so I took his photo!  Hi Richard!!

I love pottery bowls.  You all already knew that I'm sure.  I'm not shy talking about my love of them. :)   My family is also pretty pottery bowl crazy, so I took my rolling bucket with me to the market and made a bee line to this booth and bought up a bunch of those bowls and several of the little plates.  All of the bowls I purchased are marked with a black dot.  You will notice that I picked one from nearly every color!   The bowls were $5 a piece.  That is just an incredible price!  I love this vendor.

I brought all of the bowls and plates to Michigan and one night we all sat around the dining room table and they picked out the ones they'd like to own.  This was my Christmas gift to them and it was perfect! 

The last thing on my list from the arts market is this great product.  I love the name!  I wear my keys on a purple lanyard around my neck.  I'm used to it now and don't think I could go back to having them around my wrist, but....

with the cute factor of these little wristlets, I could change my mind.  They are very well made and the fabric choices are wonderfully varied.  Your favorite team colors are included!  At $5 a piece, these would make great stocking stuffers. 

Well, that's what I did on Saturday.  Thanks for joining me on my journey.    The market is only open a few more Saturdays then it's over until next April.  I wonder what I'll find to do on Saturdays.  You all will be the first to know!

Hope you have a fabulous week!


jennifer said...

I'm going to her Etsy shop now! I love that piece of art.

It looks like you had a great time Kristin.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Lots of treasures! I love the pottery bowls, and the wristlets too.

Karen said...

Kristin, glad you made it home safetly to sunny Florida. Your Saturday event is so nice. We have a farmer's market in our neighborhood & another one near where I work May through October. You're lucky that yours can last a little longer. I would love it if we could have art at ours. The idea of having an occasional theme like your fireman's day is really fun too. You have given me some good ideas.

Karen said...

One more thing, I really like the wristlets. I have to show my I.D. whenever I enter my building at work. I've tried wearing the stretchy plastic things around my wrist but they just stretch out too much after a while. The around the neck look is not for me. As a result, I frequently am caught without it when trying to enter & end up having to stand in line & go though the metal detector. I'm going to check out the wristlets. Thanks!

Keetha Broyles said...

What I love most about this post is a "Let it Snow" shadow box in JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA!!!

Go figure.

River City Artworks said...

Thanks for putting my LET IT SNOW on your blog!!! I am honored. It COULD snow in Florida, if we wish hard enough.... well maybe. I an on my way to your etsy site now.. thanks for hearting me also!!!


denise said...

love the walk through your day at the photos and finds...i especially like the lady's cards...genius and cute!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

GREAT post, great items. I am going to check out the etsy shop. The guy on the ladder made me sick too.