Sunday, November 29, 2009

Real Names - Stage Names

My husband and I were watching movies last night while he was coughing and hacking away and I was playing online as usual.  I found this fun wiki page "List of Stage Names" and just had to share a little list with you.  

I had to laugh that several of these names are from some of my favorite old game shows like What's My Line, To Tell the Truth and Match Game.

Tim Allen — Timothy Alan Dick
Woody Allen — Allen Stewart Konigsberg
Jennifer Aniston - Jennifer Joanna Anastassakis
George Burns — Nathan Birnbaum
David Bowie — David Robert Jones
Ellen Burstyn — Edna Mae Gilhooley
Kitty Carlisle - Catherine Conn
Dyan Cannon — Samile Diane Friesen
Chevy Chase — Cornelius Crane Chase
Stockard Channing — Susan Antonia Williams Stockard
Rodney Dangerfield — Jacob Cohen
Doris Day — Doris Mary Anne von Kappelhoff
Richard Dawson — Colin Emm
"Mama" Cass Elliott — Ellen Naomi Cohen
Fannie Flagg - Patricia Neal
Cary Grant — Archibald Alexander Leach
Judy Garland — Frances Ethel Gumm
Gary Glitter - Paul Francis Gadd
Whoopi Goldberg — Caryn Elaine Johnson
Susan Hayward — Edythe Marrenner
Billy Idol — William Michael Albert Broad
Ted Knight — Tadeusz Władysław Konopka
Bruno Kirby - Bruno Giovanni Quidaciolu, Jr.
Queen Latifah - Dana Elaine Owens
Barry Manilow — Barry Alan Pinkus
Garry Marshall - Anthony Wallace Marsciarelli
Penny Marshall — Carole Penelope Marsciarelli
Lou Diamond Phillips — Louis Upchurch
Slim Pickens - Louis Bert Lindley, Jr.
Minnie Pearl - Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon
Gene Rayburn - Eugene Rubessa
Donna Reed - Donna Belle Mullenger
Meg Ryan — Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra
Charlie Sheen — Carlos Irwin Estevez
Martin Sheen — Ramón Gerard Antonio Estévez
Christian Slater — Christian Michael Leonard Hawkins
Brett Somers - Audrey Johnston
Barbara Stanwyck — Ruby Katherine Stevens
Randy Travis - Randy Traywick
Steven Tyler — Stephen Victor Tallarico
Frankie Valli — Frank Castellucio
Jack Warden - John Lebzelter
Muddy Waters - McKinley Morganfield

I only knew a few of these - Cary Grant comes to mind.  John Cleese's character in A Fish Called Wanda (1988) was named "Archie Leach" after Grant's real name.   In the movie, The Holiday (2006), staring Kate Winslet, she says she comes from Surrey, England, which is where Cary Grant was born.   However, Cary Grant was born in Bristol, England.  Not sure why there was such a blatant error, but there ya go.  He wasn't born in Surrey he was born in Bristol.   Just a little movie trivia for ya!

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend.  Onward to Christmas!

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Just Breathe said...

Thank you for this, I really like it. I can't believe they have her say Surrey! That is one of my favorite movies and I think I will play it today while I decorate the tree. Husband is gone to I have the family room all to myself this week, day and evening!