Thursday, November 05, 2009

Friday Fragments

Mrs. 4444, from Half-Past Kissing Time, hosts Friday Fragments each week. It's a great excuse to get all those little snippets that gather in the brain and don't seem enough for one post but together they can make one fun blog post! I've been writing little notes to myself for the past two weeks of all of the fragments that I needed to write about.  Last week I was lost somewhere on Friday and didn't get to my fragments until Monday


I don't work in an office cubical, but I love to read about the pranks that people pull on others in that type of office environment.  I have no idea if it's true or not, but this little story is quite amusing!  I just love the ingenuity!


I saw a vanity plate on a vehicle while driving home.  OK, so I saw lots of vanity plates on vehicles, but this one I wrote down.  It was...  SEE-U-BYE


speaking of cars, when my sister Hillary and I were in the car together she looked over at another driver and said "Drivers Ed - 10 and 2"  I didn't catch on right away, but when I looked over I saw that the person had both of their hands on the wheel in the position of the clock of 10 and 2.  I'm a two handed driver about a quarter of the time, but I have to admit I tend to hold the steering wheel with just two fingers.


I saw this basket of stamps at an Open House one day and snapped a photo.  It's a very interesting decorating element and handy for making monograms on stationery!  (It'd be a bear to dust though)


33 Ways to Start Your Day - I really liked this post. At first I thought that you were supposed to do all 33 things each morning and I was immediately wondering how much time some people had! But no, it's a suggestion of things you can do. I like suggestions :)


My mom remodeled her kitchen and a bathroom last year and also changed out a toilet in the remaining bath.  The new toilets have self closing lids, which is pretty cool.  You just give the lid a little push and it slowly closes all on it's own.  After living at my mom's house for a month, I just about scared myself to death when I got back to my own home.  I do not have self closing lids and mine go crashing to the seat with that little nudge.   My husband thought I might have forgotten how to use the bathroom after hearing that crashing sound several times. (I'm a slow learner) haha


Book display for kids room - I thought this was a really great idea and a total DIY that I could do. This would be a fun thing for my sister to put in her little girls room. A small one could be placed in a bathroom and the fabric would be easy to toss in the wash. Oooh, I'm brainstorming :)


I purchased Photoshop Elements yesterday. I truly understand how clueless I am when it comes to editing now that I have a real editing program in front of me. I have no idea where to begin. I think I'm going to have to lock myself in a room for a little while and learn some of it. I have my Etsy shop but so far there isn't a single photograph in it. I was going to get a few of the photos printed and put into frames, so I could photograph them for the site. But a thousand things went wrong getting them printed. Now I think I may have compounded my issues by trying to edit the photos with a new program. It's quite laughable actually. My new deadline for getting product to sell is Saturday night. I do believe I can have at least 6 photos in there by then. goodness!

Thanks so much for coming to my Friday Fragments party.  I so enjoy being a part of this each week and the other Fragmenting participants are so much fun as well.  Go on over to Mrs. 4444's place to see what the others are talking about!

Have a fabulous day!
Minnie Morris  (that's a joke from yesterday's post!)

The NaBloPoMo site of the day is my blogging friend 5 Cats Shy.  Someone did something really nice for her this week and she's blogged about it, so I wanted to be sure and showcase her now :)


Condo Blues said...

I'm trying to be a 10 and 2 driver. the Mythbusters episode where the person's thumbs were blown off by an air bag deploying because the person had their hands at 9 and 3 (which I do) convinced me to change.

Mrs4444 said...

Doesn't it feel great to unload all of that?

I love that book display idea; so easy and yet beautiful.

I'm a ten and two, but sometimes just six. It's deer season now, though, so I'm trying to be more alert (10 and 2!)

The stamps thing is a very good display of a bad idea; treating your stamps like that wrecks them; collecting dust, drying out, all which-a-way. Stamps should be stored so that the rubber parts stay clean and clear of other stamps denting them. I got sick of treating my stamps well, though, and donated them all to a charity that wanted to use them to make thank you notes. dusting for me! :)

Just Breathe said...

Very interesting. Love that book shelf for kids. I think it would look awesome in other places too!

jennifer said...

I am drooling over that basket of stamps. DROOLING.

Have a great weekend.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Fun Fragments!! I'm heading off to go check out all those links!

Cat said...

I love that bookshelf!

won said...

I like the 33 Ways to Start Your Day link.

Thanks for sharing that.

brainella said...

After taking driver's ed in high school I am a bit obsessive with a few things when I drive. Following distance (should be at least two seconds) and directionals. Seriously...use them. I usually do 10/2 but some times it's just 6.

Mama Smurf said...

I purchased photoshop elements 2 years ago. Couldn't figure it out. A year later I purchased a photoshop elements for dummys book. Still haven't figured it out. If you figure it out? Please let me know! =)

Ruth Ann said...

YAY! An etsy shop! Cool! And I just love photoshop elements! Also, you can get a lot of cool tips, ideas, and photoshop techniques at:

mub said...

That office story is wonderfully hilarious!

I have a dumb toilet story too... the apartment we live in was originally built for elderly people so we have a really high toilet. When I went home last May I went to sit down on the toilet and totally fell like 5 inches further than I had intended because I was expecting the toilet to be higher. I felt like such a goon *L*

Unknown Mami said...

Oh you just made my night! It's been to a party and when I showed up I didn't even know you were having a Friday Fragments party. Woo hoo! I'm at a party!

denise said... is friday (ok, early saturday morning) and i could have done a friday fragment! i love these each week...great idea and yours are so packed that i feel they could each almost be a post on their the 33 ways to start your day and also found lots of great co-op preschool ideas on penny carnival...i'm part of nablopomo but missed the part about showcasing different bloggers per post; is that part of a contest or recommended or where did you get that it...

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Oh my gosh, that office prank was something!

I drive with a finger or two myself.

Love the book dispay!

Have a great weekend

Mel Fraase said...

Happy Friday! I LOVE the office story. Reminds me of people stealing garden gnomes ;) I've always secretly hoped someone would steal somthing of mine and send me cool pictures.