Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

The turkey tried to run away before it was too late to become the center of our Thanksgiving dinner.  It might have been better to let it go as it is taking forever for it to cook.  :)  Tom wanted to stuff the turkey and I had no idea how much longer it takes to cook a stuffed turkey, not to mention I had the temperature too low in the oven.  Hopefully we'll eat before bedtime!

I planned on having guests for Thanksgiving, but none of the invitees ended up being able to come.  Considering how long it's taking to cook the turkey, it's probably a blessing!  (Actually, I would have been much more prepared had it not been just Tom and I.  I would have investigated the cooking times for a stuffed turkey at least!)

Tom got home from his hunting trip just last night.   Thankfully he didn't get a deer this year.  Not that I mind hunting, but last year he got a deer and we weren't able to get any of that meat to Florida, so he had it processed and had the meat donated to Hunters for Humanity (I think it's called).   He had a nice time with his friends and family, so I'm very glad that he went.

Tom and his family had their Thanksgiving on Sunday before he drove back to Florida.  I'm glad he was able to be with them.  It just so happened that everyone was going to be in town before Thanksgiving and not on the day - so they had it early. Perfect!  Good thing he got turkey then, because he may never get any today haha!

All kidding aside, I'm so very very thankful for my loved ones, my blogging friends, my online friends, for the wonderful people I've met through the transplant groups and to every single person, place or thing that has touched my heart or made me a better person.  I am truly thankful.

I hope you've had a blessed year.

**Edited to add - we finally ate at 7:30pm.  That's not too bad.  I was shooting for 4pm.

All the images were found using Google search - Vintage Thanksgiving card.


jb said...

Love the vintage postcards! If you ever need turkey roasting tips, give me a call! I might not be Pioneer Woman, but I have been prepping and cooking Thanksgiving dinner for almost 25 years...I know! whew!

jennifer said...

The images are beautiful! Sorry Tom didn't bag a deer. I like what he did last year.

I am thankful for you Kristin. You are a treasured friend.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just Breathe said...

Love the graphics. Hope the turkey was good. We had a great dinner.

Marg Henry said...

We roasted our 2 - 20 lb turkeys at 350 for 3 hours in our convection oven : )

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good thanksgiving dinner. Love the vintage cards. I can't ever remember how to cook turkey since i don't have to do it too often. I hope you had a lot of yummy left overs. K- many people are thankful for you - what a nice post.