Monday, November 23, 2009

Pie & Calendars

I've been thinking about Thanksgiving and when I think about Thanksgiving I think of pie.   I was talking with my neighbor today and she was telling me that one of the local grocery store chains has run out of canned pumpkin.  Can you believe it?  There's apparently a shortage!

The next few links can help with that pumpkin shortage and if you are so inclined you can make some of these cute looking pies!

Not Martha - How to make tiny pies.  This is the place where I first heard of such a thing.   I bookmarked this page, but totally forgot to say anything about it.

Lloyd and Lauren - Short and Sweet.  These are technically not pies, but they are small frozen treats and they look delicious.

Lolly Chops - the Download and Print page. The first three posts includes the Eat More Pies download and the pie printables in both tree motif and a turkey motif.  They are near the middle/end of each post.

Our Best Bites - Tutorial on how to make single serve pie.  The second picture above is from this site.   It's a really great tutorial and Best Bites and Lolly Chops have gotten together to make the printables and the tutorials.  It looks like a good collaboration!

Here's a list of some printable calendars from Decor8.  Oooh, there are a lot of fun ones in this lot.  These aren't free, but they are very inexpensive and you can print them over and over again.

The photo to the left is from Up Up Creative on Etsy.  This seller has several calendars for sale and even more printable items for sale.  I like these calendars, simple, basic and bold. 

Decor8 has several calendar roundups - Wall calendars, desk calendars, poster calendars, and other kinds of calendars that don't fit into the above categories.

Oh So Beautiful Paper also did a calendar roundup - Part One, Part Two.

Below is the calendar that I just purchased from Lisa Samartino Atelier's site on Etsy.  It's an 8 x 10 print so it will easily fit into a nice frame.  I am totally in love with chandeliers so when I saw those I was pretty much a goner.  I loved all of the large graphics in the calendar set. 

I know this was quite a link fest, but I just couldn't stop myself once I got started.  I think I have about 30 different windows open.  I'm lucky I bought just one item! haha!

Have a wonderful evening.


jb said...

My family always makes their "pumpkin" pie with can of is a hokey looking can called "One pie" or something...artwork from the '50's, but is what I have always used...makes a great pie!
We have tons of cans of pumpkin and squash in NH...lemme know if you need any!

Condo Blues said...

I heard that there was a pumpkin shortage this year. Fortunately we're set. I painted my Halloween pumpkin that way, I could cut it, bake it, puree it, and freeze it for pie or whatever in the future.

The big question is do you think the pumpkin shortage and the Eggo waffle shortage are related? Hmmm...

Kirby3131 said...

Thanks Bob! It's my neighbor who wants the pumpkin though lol I've never heard of "One Pie." You've got my curious.

Condo Blues - I had no idea about the eggo shortage!

denise said...

ahh...perfect timing...i signed up for, you guessed it, PIES for our co-op preschool pre-thanksgiving meal wednesday...thanks for all the links!

Loria said...

I had no idea there was a pumpkin shortage so I guess it's good that I prefer banana cream and lemon meringue. Almost everytime I hear of "pie", I think of 2 movies -"Waitress" about a girl who wants to enter a pie contest to get out of her dreary life and the movie "Michael" where Andy McDowell sings her song about pie. LOL

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

See. Now I'm gonna be spending my next few hours (that I should be packing in) to check out all of these links. ;)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Just Breathe said...

Those are awesome links. I am going to star this page and hopefully try this after the Holidays. (I just feel stressed right now)