Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh Bunny

Last week I mentioned that I saw this cute little bunny in an antique mall. 

Well, I had no idea what was to come!

My dear friend Bob kind of fell in love with it and started leaving messages.

This is the message she said on that original post... (remember, we call each other Bob, so it's easy to be confused.)

Bob said...

BOB! I want that bunny! PLEASE go back and get me that bunny! I will send $$$$ I must have that bunny! Why? Well you know what green pottery does to me, but I used to have a similar bunny in white...and I call all of my students bunnies...

In case I missed that comment, I found this on Facebook

Bob said.... BOB! I just begged you on your blog to go and get me that bunny! I MUST have that bunny! Please snap up that bunny for me when you go to the craft fair....I have fallen in love with a pale green, cold paint eyed bunny.....please put me out of my obsessive pain and grab that bunny! Argh!

Then as her status message she posted these messages the next few days.  I've included a few of the comments, too as it was getting pretty funny.

Bob said.... oh bunny sweet green bunny.....bunny bunny bunny! I love you so....oh bunny, don't you know?! Yes, I love your portrait, so shiney and green, but to hold you in my arms...that is my green bunny dream.....

Bob said.... Oh Bunny, you're so fine...I am dreaming of the day when you will be mine! Oh bunny sweet green bunny! Bunny bunny bunny hop hop hop home to meeeeeee!

Friend of Bob's said....If I knew where this bunny was right now I would buy it for you and know I've made your life.

Friend of Bob's said....Make Kristen aka Bob go back and buy the bunny already!!!!!

My Mother said....send her a check Bob :o))


Bob said.... to sleep, perchance to dream of green bunnies with cotton ball tails...oh bunny, sweet bunny...shall I post a cheque in the mail in hopes that you will appear in my garden of dreams? Oh bunny sweet green bunny...Bob should have snapped you up as she KNEW we were destined to be friends...dear bunny, sweet bunny...

Friend of Bob's said....Someone please get JB that green bunny before she drives me crazy!!!!

Friend of Bob's said....Yes!!!!!

Friend of Bob's said....Hang on, I'll check eBay. . . .

I said....I think I have a bunny in a bag, but he's not ready to go to NH quite yet. He's got some things to do around here first.

Friend of Bob's said....Yeah!!!!!!

On Sunday I went out to the Antique Mall to pick up the bunny.   The whole reason for going back out to that side of town again was canceled, but how could I resist all of these messages?!! and I would have felt really really bad if the bunny wasn't there later in the week, so I just trekked out there and got it.

I did decide however, that the bunny was going to hang out with me and do some photo ops before she was packed up and sent to New Hampshire.  Bunny may hang with me for a few days or a few weeks.  I'll just have to wait and see :)

My first bunny stop was at the mailbox when I got home with the bunny.  She fit so perfectly!  I have to get up on my tippy toes to see inside my mailbox, but the bunny got a good view and let me know that I missed a postcard in there.

Then we took a ride in the elevator on the way to the 5th floor!  It was an exciting time for both of us. 

Bunny is sitting here with me watching TV right now.  We are both pretty bummed that the DVR died today.  This means that we have to watch the TV program or turn it off.  No recording, no pausing, and more importantly - no forwarding through commercials!  It's pure torture.  I think bunny needs me to hide her eyes.

I'm so happy that my friend Bob is so creative.  This wouldn't have been funny if it weren't for her :)

Love you Bob!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.


Condo Blues said...

That has got to be the funniest thing I've read all week. Someone needs to give your friend a sedative or your bunny, whichever comes first!

Ruth Ann said...

That is sooo funny! As I was reading this...and looking at your photos, I thought maybe you dropped him before you were able to send him! My luck that would have happened! lol He's very very cute! If he was pink, I would fight Bob for it! lol

Just Breathe said...

That is so funny. I love that bunny too but never thought of asking you for it! Love the pictures and so sorry about your DVR, that sucks!

jb said...

Bunny! Bunny fit perfectly in the mailbox...SO cute! Riding the elevator is a hoot! Did you show her George's apartment door and the made in Vietnam vases he loved to protest? How about Mocha? Did Bunny get a Mocha sniff?!
I cannot wait for Bunny to have more adventures with you before Bunny moves north...
I think I might have to start blogging for real about Bunny once she arrives...
Ruth Ann, I would not have desired Green Bunny if she were Pink...I <3 Green
Condo Blues, I guess you have to know me to understand that all those posts are "normal" me...I think a sedative might just push me over the edge!
Bob! Thank you!!!!!!!

jb said...

I made a new blog! find me at sweetgreenbunny.blogspot.com!
I even figured out how to link this post to the blog!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh I LOVE that you bought Green Bunny - - - I believe I also suggested it, though I did not go into ecstacies about it, nor did I volunteer to send a check!

I love that bunny and am sooooo glad she will soon have a permanent home.

I cracked up at the way she stood in the elevator FACING THE WALL!!!! She must be a shy little scardy cat bunny!

Loria said...

all i have to say is LOLOLOLOLOLOL