Sunday, November 01, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Year Two

One of the best blogging things that I did last year was to join in the National Blog Posting Month. This prompted me to be SO enthusiastic about blogging every day (even though I had been blogging every day since April) that I made a promise to myself to make it my National Blog Posting Year!   I missed a single day a few months back, but that didn't deter me from going on. The end of November will be the end of my blog posting year...officially.

What a run it's been! I'm so pleased that I have been able to make a habit of it because I have truly enjoyed blogging every day. I've even added in a Photo of the Day, Monday - Friday.  Don't expect me to slow down though :)  The only thing is that if I happen to miss a day this coming year, I won't be quite so upset about it.

I'll be visiting new blogs throughout the month - those that participate in NaBloPoMo and I'll be posting the ones I find interesting.

If you would like to join in NaBloPoMo, go on over to their website - Here - and join in. Although this goes on each month, November is the main month with prizes and incentives. It's a lot of fun!  You can also see all of the blogs that are participating.    This is the first year for categories, which kind of confused me, so I'm in the General category. 

On a totally different subject --

I took a family photo of Jim and Alison and their three girls.  The photos were all really funny and not terribly professional.  I want to hold off on sharing the photos because they may actually use one of them for Christmas cards.  Since I haven't had a photo of Jim, I thought I'd post this one of them.  I don't think I've ever seen Jim smile like this, so it is just making me laugh!  Usually he is making funny faces, so this is a departure.

So here is Alison, Jim and newbaby Scarlett taken on Scarlett's 11th day in our world.

Have a Wonderful Day.


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

what a beautiful family!

denise said...

i couldn't help myself...had to go back a few posts...SUCH a cute photo...thanks again for the inspiration for nablopomo...

Alison said...

I just notices that behind us you can see the fall leaves reflected in the mirror through the front door. Adds a nice touch of color.