Friday, November 20, 2009

Bunny Tail

I went to the Sugar Bear Antique Mall today.  I hadn't planned on going - as a matter of fact, I had no idea that this particular place even existed.

OK, let me start at the beginning.

A friend of mine was going to show some of her handmade items at a craft fair at Whole Foods.  I didn't even know that we had one in our town, so I decided to go find it.  It was on a side of town that I didn't know at all so making a dry run is a good thing :)  Wednesday I went to find the grocery store.  I saw the space where it used to be and looked on the door for the new address for their brand new location.  I drive another two miles down the road and finally find it!

I go in, I make a few purchases, I use my debit card, click the little button for $20 cash back, and finally ask the cashier what time on Friday the handmade show starts.  She says to me..."Oh, that's at Whole Foods." 

Where am I?  Oh, I'm at Fresh Market.  I thought it looked awfully familiar to the Fresh Market that I shop on the other side of town.

So I leave and find the Whole Foods, turn around in the parking lot and go home. 

As I get about a mile from my home I realize that I never got my $20 from the cashier.  Oy.  I called the store and they told me I could just come back and they'd cash out the drawer.  I explained that I was now about 20 miles away and I wasn't going to turn around.  They were going to need to hold it for me.  I'd be back on Friday (because I was coming back to go to the craft thing at Whole Foods.) 

Fast forward - today.  Friday.  I drive over to Whole Foods.  No craft fair.  I go inside.  It's giant!  I might make a trip over to this place again, like maybe on Sunday when the craft fair will be taking place. sheesh.

I leave there and head over to Fresh Market to pick up my $20.  I got my money and noticed these GORGEOUS flowers at their entrance.  I never did look to see the name of this particular flower. Then as I was leaving the parking lot I noticed this little antique mall across the street.  I decided to go in.

I had so much fun at the antique mall.  The Christmas items were out in full force and I got a lot of really lovely photos.  I'll be showing the Christmasy items in December, but remember that little bunny at the top of this post?   It spoke to me.  It was about 5" high and was green pottery (always a hit with me) and when I turned it around, it had a little cotton tail.

At first I made a little sigh that his little tail was torn off - then I realized!  This little bunny HOLDS cotton balls!  You pull the bunny tail to get them!  hahahahaaa  What a hoot!

The little green bunny will hopefully be a lovely addition to someone elses home, as I only took its photo and wrote a blog post about it :o)   (by the way, he was marked at $30.)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Janean said...

cotton tail makes perfect sense. ya just never know where a day's journey will take you, huh?

Ruth Ann said...

Wow...what a story! Yes that little bunny is soo adorable! And knowing that he keeps cotton balls makes him that much more cuter! $30seems a bit much!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Wow! Glad you got your $$ back!
I love whole foods, such yummies in that store! Did you see the fishmarket! WOW!
The little bunny is PRECIOUS!

Julie Stiles Mills said...

How CUTE is that?

Karen said...

Kristin, you are so delightful. You have taken what some others might think of as frustrating experiences and turned them into adventures. Hope the craft fair is fun when you finally get there.

denise said...

oh i love this post! the back and forth across what an adorable (and functional at the same time!) bunny! i call sea my little bunny and could imagine this item in her bathroom but i think she (the bunny) would lose all her "tails"...

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh, I LOVE that bunny and I did SO want you to take him home. Just THINK of all the blog posts he could do for you!!! My mind was off and racing and STARTING those posts FOR you.

I think I love that little bunny and now I shall never see him again.

Have you ever visited "The Stone Rabbit?" I think YOUR bunny would love to visit with Stone:

jb said...

BOB! I want that bunny! PLEASE go back and get me that bunny! I will send $$$$ I must have that bunny! Why?
Well you know what green pottery does t me, but I used to have a simila bunny in white...and I call all of my students bunnies...

Anonymous said...

reading your post left me a tad stressed out over your driving/shopping misadventures LOL. I love you just take it all in stride. I love that bunny - very unique.

Mrs4444 said...

I love that bunny! I try to avoid antique malls, though...I always find random, unnecessary things to buy.

Just Breathe said...

What a journey you had. Love the bunny, it is so cute and so vintage. Hooray for you!

Unknown Mami said...

Perfect cotton ball holder. Perfect. If I'm going to reach into a bunny's ass then cotton is what I want to come out of it.