Friday, August 27, 2010


This is the area over my kitchen sink.  I've got my cupboards, my window, clock and a beautiful pottery plate.  Oh and the shell display that I made the other day.

I had a valance on a tension rod hanging in the window until just last week.  Tom and I were sitting in the livingroom when we heard a crash.  The tension rod untentioned I guess and it crashed onto the counter.  Thankfully nothing broke. 

While I had the valance down, I decided to toss it into the washer. 

I read the tag that I had forgotten to cut off and it said to wash on delicate. 

I did.

It was destroyed.

End of valance hanging in the window.

I bought this clock years ago, but it looks fabulous (I believe) on the wall with the pottery plate.  I've been looking for smaller round items to place on the opposite side of the window, but after 4 years I still haven't found anything.  I guess I haven't looked that hard :)

A few days after the valance fell the clock stopped working.  I figured it was the battery but when I changed that it still didn't work.  Now, that's a head scratcher.  WHY?

While the click is just sitting idle, I changed the time to 11:11.  It is my favorite time of day afterall.

I'm going to have to take part the clock it seems and change out the whole clock mechinism.  It's perfect for this spot so I'm not changing it.

Speaking of broken things...

I got up this morning and as I was shuffling my way to the bathroom I whacked my foot into the side of the door and broke my pinky toe.

I'd never done such a thing before.


It feels like the whole foot is bruised, but the poor pinky is swollen and bluish/black.  A friend of mine reminded me of the R.I.C.E. treatment - Rest Ice Compress (if necessisary) Elevate.  I didn't need compression, but I've done the other three.  Poor piggy toe. 

I had to go to the bank today, but I don't own shoes that a broken. swollen toe can fit into.  Not a flip flop in sight around here.  Thankfully my husband had some slip on sandles that I wore.  I had to drive barefoot though, as it would have been too dangerous to have those giant shoes on my feet. 

I was going to go buy some flip flops today while I was out, but we had quite a rainstorm as soon as I left the house, so I'll go do that tomorrow.

destroyed valance
stopped clock
broken toe

Not bad for one week!

Have a great weekend.


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Oh Kristin!!! You WOULD have a broken week like this and then make it all funny!

I use a valence over my kitchen window too - - - I got it at that very high dollar designer store called Wall-Mar-tay.

Ever been there?????


Ann in the UP said...

Oh my! Maybe you have a poltergeist in your kitchen! I'm glad the falling valance didn't mess up your pretty shell arrangement, or you'd be in shell shock, too.

Sorry about your poor toe though. Pain isn't too funny.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Geez! Be careful driving, would ya? LOL

jb said...

Okay...that is enough! Broken toes are not fun ( I have broken both pinkies over the years, doing exactly the same thing!)!!!

42N said...

Ow. Be careful. Elevate the toe. Usually you can't do anything for a small tow but baby it. I look forward to your next photo composition. Can you photograph any old forts or settlements in the Jacksonville area - as a an idea?

jennifer said...

#1 - Valance. Once I used placemats turned at an angle and layered, placed over a rod. If you have any very flexible placemats (or handkerchiefs maybe?), voila. New valance with no investment.

#2 - Clock. Leave it at 11:11 and hang another clock somewhere else. Honor your favorite time :)

#3 - Toe. I am SO sorry. Take care of your tootsies and avoid anyone saying "This little piggy went to market."

Have a BETTER weekend Kristin.

mub said...

Oh gosh I'm so sorry you broke your toe! I hope that you have a better week next week.

The clock in our kitchen mysteriously died last year too. We weren't that in love with it though and replaced it with one that we like a lot better.

qandlequeen said...

You poor thing and your poor TOE! Yikes, that does hurt. Hope you get your clock working soon. I like it there next to the window.

Debby said...

Ouch on the toe. They say to watch for a fever. When I hurt my toe in late May they actually gave me antibotics for it. Feel better soon. Sorry about the clock and the valance, what a week!

Aging Mommy said...

My mother swears by the saying "things always come in three's" and I have to say she has so very often been proved right. So in this case, if so, then hopefully you can breathe a little easier knowing your run is over. Sorry about the toe, that must be pretty painful but you made me laugh with your story of the trip to the bank!