Thursday, August 05, 2010

POTD - Mailbox's Birthday

POTD - Mailbox's Birthday

What a great example of an old rusty mailbox on a cobbled together post.  The funny thing about this mailbox is that it's squished between a chain link fence and this large orange and white pole.  It's not in a terribly friendly spot.  Hopefully being recognized for it's dedicated service will brighten the day of this lovely yellow mailbox.

A Blue's Clues episode was titled Mailbox's Birthday.  My friend was at my house for a week with her small children.  They liked  watching Blue's Clues and it was Mailbox's Birthday every single day that week.  I can hardly look at a mailbox without thinking - is it Mailbox's Birthday? haha



Ann in the UP said...

Mailbox's cobbled together post looks like an early DIY project. (Of which we have a few hereabout).

It's funny the way kids' program dialog sticks in your head. I'm still hearing songs and snippets from Captain Kangaroo.

42N said...

You have an eye to take the ordinary or overlooked and turn it into art. Very nice work!

jb said...

OMG! Blue! What day is it?! Why it is Mailbox's birthday! AGAIN!!!!!

Just Breathe said...

I saw so many worn out mailboxes in Florida on my trip. It has to be the humidity and sun!