Monday, August 16, 2010

It arrived!!!

The book arrived today.

The book that has one of my photos in it!!

It's here, in my hot little hands!

Four Word Self Help by Patti Digh (her blog is at 37days.)   You can pre-order it through Amazon, here, or wait for it to hit the shelves in September.  It's a small book - perfect to tuck into your backpack or purse.  It's just a little over 4x6 and is chock full of artwork.

I'm glad to see that the four words are the star of the book.  There isn't a lot of explanation, just four words and a piece of artwork for most.

I was asked to submit something for "breathe deeply, and often."  I thought the chair on the seawall, which I call Chair on the Edge, would be perfect for those four words. 

When I got confirmation that my photo would be included in the book, but the photo might not be with the words I was originally given, I got a little nervous.  I'm sure that this photo can mean lots of things, but I loved knowing it was breathe deeply, and often.  It just fit.

I was elated to see that it was indeed associated with those four words.

I just noticed that the opposite page has an orange haired woman on a purple background. 

And I just so happened to photograph the purple book (without it's dust jacket, because the book was purple, my favorite color) on an orange background.  How funny!

There are a few sections to the book and Patti shares a little story or two in just a few short pages.  Then the rest of the section are the Four Words and artwork.

I find it completely ironic that my photo appears in the wellness category, under "eat less, move more."  My own personal wellness seems to be about half of my thoughts each day.

Wow.  It really happened.

I'm published :)

Hope you had a great Monday!  I know I did!



Anonymous said...

OMG perfect and I love purple and orange. I'm so glad I'm online to see you post this. congrats K - you are talented and deserve it. I think this will make a great coffee table book - i'm ordering .. I'm so excited for you!!

Julie Stiles Mills said...

CONGRATS! Your first, but given your talent, no way the last!

Ruth Ann said...

Awesome! Congratulations! Those words are perfect for the photo! Hopefully one day I can get published too! I love your photography and can't wait until we finally meet so we can go out on a photo shoot!

qandlequeen said...

I'm so excited for you! That is really cool!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Oh Kristin, it is simply lovely!

I remember that picture, and am not in the LEAST bit surprised that it was "needed" for that book!!!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

That is so exciting! I love that picture.

Lisa Ceaser said...

So cool! I just pre-ordered my copy. It's a great concept, and I can't wait to see more of it.

Congratulations! A well deserved publishing. You rock!

solo-dancer said...

....and from your mother....Bravo! I love you. lm

Terri said...

excellent news!! Good job!

jennifer said...

I just took a deep breath in honor of your book!

Congratulations my dear Kristin. You are talented enough to fill a WHOLE book with your photography.

Just Breathe said...

Congratulations. Well you know I love that picture and the words are awesome. It feel like me. I must get my hands on this book. I am really happy for you.

Marla said...


Sharon Cohen said...

This post defines the purpose for Saturday Sampling! What a wonderful experience it is - to be published. I rejoice in your rejoicing. You've made a perfect post of the announcement and a wonderful collage of your feelings in pictures. I hope you printed this blog post (in color) to tuck inside your copy of the book. Your posterity will cherish it - and be inspired by it, as well. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your celebration.

Amy Sullivan said...

Just bounced over from Saturday Sampling...oh, my goodness congrats! This is huge. Very, very big deal!

Emily said...

What a beautiful photo. Loved your concept. Congratulations!

lisleman said...

Congrats - great picture.

Even if the answers are no to these questions, it's still a great thing, but I'm curious.
1. Does the book list you as the photographer of the picture?
2. Do you get any money from it?

I'm not familiar with that blog or author.

Kirby3131 said...

In response to lisleman -

1. Does the book list you as the photographer of the picture?

Yes, I am listed as the artist for my page. My name is spelled wrong (Kristen instead of Kristin), but my blog address is correct, thankfully.

2. Do you get any money from it?

I did not receive any money, but I was sent an advance copy of the book.

Thanks for asking!

Mrs4444 said...

Congrats, again, Kristin. I'm so happy for you and proud of you :) It's perfect.

mimbles said...

Congratulations Kristin :-) It's a beautiful photo and a perfect match for those four words.