Friday, August 13, 2010

A nice pair of lips

The Palmisano's had a weeks worth of events planned. 

They played a card game called Oh Hell, that I renamed Hell-O.  That was fun, but we only got through two rounds because we had a few too many people playing and it took nearly an hour for those two hands.  I guess that's why it was called Oh Hell!

We were all part of a Corn Hole tournament (a bean bag toss game) - actually two tournaments.  One was individual and one was couples.  I did pretty good the second time around.  I figured out how to toss the darn bag, but it took awhile.   I'm now itching to practice! 

I learned a card game called Rook, too.  I want to pick up a pack - I liked that game.

But last night, after the egg toss on the beach and the corn hole first place trophy award ceremony, the wax lips were passed out. 

Oh my goodness, they were so funny!!  I couldn't resist taking a picture of myself in the mirror.

Steve and I.  The reason why nearly all of the pictures I have with Steve look like this is because he likes to use up all of the personal space between us :)  I teased him about this.  Remember the line in Dirty Dancing where Johnny says to Baby "This is your dance space and this is my dance space."

Well, Steve had never seen the movie, so the quote was lost on him!  But he likes to be close and I'm very used to it, but I did notice that all of the photos of the two of us this weekend he had his head clunking into mine!  Oh my, I love him :)

The brothers.

Those lips look so funny with facial hair!

They look like family, don't you think?

I love this smooch :) 

Say Hi to the lips family!

I brought my lips back home. 

They hung out on my computer for a little while. 

Such nice full lips, but just a bit too waxy for everyday :)

Have a wonderful day!



Condo Blues said...

When my husband's family gets together they play Oh Hell and drink red wine late into the night. Good thing, I'm much better at Oh Hell than Euchre - their game of choice.

Ann in the UP said...

Funny stuff! Having exactly the same lips sure helps everybody look alike!

jb said...

I love Rook! Now we have another game to play when we are done with Whacko-Racko! Can't wait to learn Oh-Hell_o
Everybody looked like Angelina Jolie with those lips!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

If you liked Rook, you would also like Euchre!

jennifer said...

FUN! Awesome pics.

Just Breathe said...

These pictures made me laugh. What a fun family.

Marla said...

That family photo is the BEST pic ever!! Love it!!!

42N said...

I wondered about what type of camera that you use. I see its a Nikon. Wich model number? Are you happy with it?

Charlotte said...

It takes a special group of people to cooperate for that! You are blessed!

Mrs4444 said...

Awesome!! Where can I get my hands on some of those?!