Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday Fragments

Hello Friday!  What a great day!

Thanks to Mrs. 4444 of Half Past Kissing Time for getting so many incredible bloggers together for some fun and interesting fragments.  She is just a wonderful host.  Thanks so much Mrs. 4444.  Thank you! 


I want to say Thank You to everyone who has added me to their Google Reader and the following feature on Blogger.  I have almost 100 followers.   I sat at about 30 followers for a very long time and within the past month or so that number has shot up to 97 - so almost 100 :)  Thank You Thank You Thank You. 

I only follow people through Google Reader, so I really haven't pushed getting followers, but now that I have almost 100, I have to tell you, it does feel pretty good :)


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I thought of something that was a great fragment. I came over to my computer, repeated the funny, interesting, blog worthy tidbit in my mind, opened up my blog to my FF post and now have no idea what it was.  I don't know if it was funny, interesting, sad, or what.  It has evaporated from my brain.  How can information literally evaporate?


I had that happen to me today.  I remembered that I wanted to call someone but they are in a different time zone and I didn't want to forget to call at a better time.  So I picked up a post-it to write my reminder and I had no idea what this person's name was.  I went through all kinds of names in my head.  I remembered her husband's name, finally, but not their last name.  In my phone her husband isn't listed so I couldn't search by looking up his name.  It was a full 10 minutes before I remembered her name.  When I did the floodgates opened and all kinds of information about her came to mind, including her last name.  


I forgot where I found this photo


I was asked if I could help someone out recently, I said sure and then when we were in the middle of the project I was given a check for $100.   Holy Smokes!  I tried to refuse, but this person was adamant that I keep it.  I decided to accept, smile and thank.

It's really cool to get a check when it's completely unexpected.

Really cool.

Expect a check!


I watched an Ellen rerun today and she had one of her little Ellen game shows called Know or Go.  (Funny game show - love it!)  The question was... How many Oceans are in the world?  I blurted out 4 and so did the contestant.  She was correct according to Ellen.  But I had a funny feeling that I wasn't quite right.  Turns out that scientists determined in 2000 that we have 5 oceans instead of just 4.  The Arctic Ocean is the Northern most ocean and surrounds the North Pole.  The brand new Southern Ocean surrounds Antarctica. Then we also have the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.


In 2008 scientists determined that Pluto is no longer a planet.  I still can't get over that one.  I can handle having another ocean but I'm having a real tough time with Pluto being booted out of the solar system as a planet.


I saw Eat, Pray, Love tonight with two people that I had never been out with before.  I really enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed the company.   I wasn't a fan of the book, but I expect that I will have Eat, Pray, Love as one of my go-to movies on the DVR next year when it finally comes out on cable.  But I really like Julia Roberts and she made this movie for me.


Have a wonderful delightful fabulous weekend!!


Unknown Mami said...

I still count Pluto as a planet.

Martha in PA said...

Some cats aren't loud... you haven't lived with ours! He is floppy though!

Stopping by from FF!!!

From Tracie said...

X-men claws! Hilarious!

I have those memory-evaporating moments all the time. It is crazy!

Yay for unexpected checks. What a great blessings.

I refuse to accept that Pluto isn't a planet. In my world it still is. I'm not giving it up.

lisleman said...

I can relate to the memory of names - I've had that problem all my life.

I'm ok with the new classification of Pluto. It may get more people to learn about planets.

Hey I did a post on Eat Pray Love (few days ago) but then I might not know what I'm talking about.

BLOGitse said...

I read all blogs through Reader.
Old fashion followers in your sidebar doesn't mean a thing - you might have thousands of followers and only a few active who comment and really follow you :)

If Pluto is not a planet what is it? or has it vanished?

Jene said...

Pluto will always be on my list!

Unfortunately I can relate all to well to your memory lapses. I drive a 6-speed and every once in a while when I'm sitting at a red light I will have a sudden sense of panic because I can't remember which foot goes on the clutch and which pedal is the gas. How sad is that?

LOVE the failblog and cat graphics!

Happy Friday :)

Ann in the UP said...

Get used to those "What the heck was I doing?" minutes. They seem to come more frequently as I age.

I'm with Unknown Mami---about Pluto. If I learned it in school, changing it now amounts to Revisionist History! I almost never get asked about it now, though. That's a good thing.

Lisa Ceaser said...

Good morning, Sweetie!

I can completely relate to the bad memory thing lately. What is up with that?

I finally broke down and went out and bought a pocket planner yesterday. I am absolutely freaked that I might forget a booked session. And that would be business suicide.

I can't remember the last movie I saw, but I do love Julia Roberts, too. Sandra Bullock is my all time favorite!!

Have a great day! I am FF'ing and hitting my reader to catch up in a bit.

Rebecca Jo said...

Pluto will always be a planet to me too... how do they teach that to us growing up & then say, KIDDING! :/

Mrs4444 said...

Thanks for the education about the oceans! That's a great thing for a teacher to know.

That memory thing stinks! Happens to me all the time. It helps me to go back to the spot that I originally had the thought. This works well, except when I am driving.

Can't wait to see EPL :)

Have a great weekend!!!

Karen and Gerard said...

I look at cats as furry supermen too! That is a cute term for them. Hope you get your brain back in gear soon. I like unexpected checks too--very nice!

Stopping by from Friday Fragments.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

You gotta love Fail blog!
I am always forgetful like that. It's kind of scary.

Debby said...

I liked the movie too and I love Julia Roberts. I didn't know about using reader for almost a year into my blog. It is fun to have followers but I have never pushed it either. The blogs you follow in GFC will go into your reader.

Matty said...

Old age.....or just getting older. I often forget simple things. The worst is when you get up to go to another room in the house, and when you get there, you can't remember why you went.

After a lifetime of Pluto, how do we just kick it to the curb. It's been a part of our knowledge base my entire life.

We have two cats here. And they are all of those things.

Anonymous said...

I am homeschooling my 5 year old in Kindergarten this year and I am sure teaching the planets and number of oceans on Earth will be a bit strange, as I certainly grew up learning differently! Fun post, thanks for sharing :)