Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday Fragments

Hello Friday!

Oh how I've missed my Friday Fragging friends. The past two Thursday nights have been crazy insane and busy (and fun!) as I was getting ready to go away and then I was away. I love vacations, but it sure is good to get home again.

Thanks to Mrs. 4444 of Half Past Kissing Time for getting so many incredible bloggers together for some fun and interesting fragments.  She is just a wonderful host.  Thanks so much Mrs. 4444.  Thank you! 


You know it's got to be a legitimate offer if the sender of the email is named "Perfectly Legal."


I love these two commercials from Geico.   They make me laugh as soon as I see the commercial starting. 

I crack up when he tosses the kleenex box.  What a hoot!!


A few weeks back my niece asked me to send her a card, a purple card. I've been looking all over for a purple card and I am seriously getting discouraged. I'm going to have to make one at this rate.


I love tutorials and tonight I was searching around for a specific tutorial (couldn't find it and not telling - not yet anyway)  but I did find a blog that specializes in tutorials.  It's called Totally Tutorials.  It looks to be updated on a daily basis and has a search box and labels so you can find a subject matter that interests you.  I'm excited to dive into that site and see what's there.  Maybe I'll even write a tutorial! 


This is me, taking my picture in a mirror, with giant, waxy, smoochy lips.  If you'd like to look at the photos of the shenanigans with my friends and the red lips, please go ahead and read the post "A Nice Pair of Lips,"  it's a hoot!


You really need to be talented to hurt your thumb while holding a plate.  Seriously.  I was holding my dinner plate, while sitting on the couch of course,  I reached for something and the plate started to tip.  I used my thumb to grab onto the rim to keep it from tipping.   I felt a little twang of pain for a second but really didn't think too much about it.  However, it's now been a month and the tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones, whatever it is still hurts quite a bit.  I am the jar opening queen and I've been totally incapacitated.   It's not broken, but I do think it's strained.  What do you think?  I have a doctor appointment in a month.  Can it wait?  or should I make an appointment to have him say "It's not broken and when you strain your thumb muscle (hahaha) it takes a long time to heal."  I would have been the one laughing in the middle of that sentence.  Is there such thing as a thumb muscle?!!


Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you've had a wonderful week and I wish you a fabulous weekend.



The Crazy Coxes said...

I'm sorry. I'm laughing at your pulled thumb muscle. It's probably not funny. ;)

"Perfectly Legal" sounds totally legit. You should definitly open the email AND give the sender your bank account number!
Have a great weekend!

The Crazy Coxes said...
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Troop Scoop said...

Poor thing. Sorry about your thumb. I guess they're as opposible as they say!haha

I'm happy to be visiting you tonight; I've missed you :)

Loved the second Geico commercial; I hadn't seen it.

Wish I had a purple card for you!

SimplyFabulousBloggerTemplates has some very nice, free tutorials.

Thanks, and you're welcome :) Have a great weekend.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

LOVE the wax lips! And, those commercials are great.

My BFF just broker her thumb! Hope yours is 100% soon. Ouch!

Ann in the UP said...

Totally Tutorials! What a great site. thanks as usual, Kristin.

I agree about the Geico commercials, they are always pretty funny, (except the caveman ones---they're just dumb.) I'd be just like the drill instructor therapist. Shape up you goofball!

You're probably right about Time being the healer for your thumb problem. A PT I know told me that PT and ortho doctors get rich while time takes care of the real healing.

mub said...

I LOVE those stupid commercials! I usually zip through them with the DVR at my parent's place but everytime I saw one I had to stop and watch it *L*

Thanks for the tutorial link! I look forward to browsing through it =)

I hope your thumb feels better. When I've had muscle injuries I've wished they were broken bones because those heal SO MUCH FASTER.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Those are GREAT Geico commercials. They crack me up too.

Have you seen the commercial on ESPN with the lady Packer's Fan who leaves a relish tray on her neighbor's doorstep???? It's my current all time favorite.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Oh - - - and about your thumb - - - soft tissue damage (tendons, ligaments, muscles) take longer to heal and cause more prolonged pain than do broken bones - - - now you know.

I once almost fell at school, and was going to crash into a glass trophy case - - - I used hip muscles (my gluteus medius to be exact) and it hurt me for an entire YEAR!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Those commercials are so funny. I have not seen them here yet. A strained anything takes forever to heal. I think it is better to break something. I have been having weird pains shooting from my neck to my pinky and the finger next to it for almost a year now. I finally had the MRI the other night (ugghh) and am bracing for the results. I do not know what you can do for the thumb..maybe ice. If you can tape it to your finger to keep it still that might help too..
Have a great week!

lisleman said...

I enjoy the second Geico ad more than the first but my wife just loves that one. Typical we mute during ads but if that one comes on she wants the sound on.

So you are all thumbs then? I did a really stupid thing with a cracked bowl once and sliced my thumb.

Nanny Dee said...

Hi Kristen --

Thanks for stopping by my blog for the RI tour!

Your blog is so fun and and full of interesting info -- thanks for the info on the tutorial blog -- I'm going to go check them out too.

take care -- Dee said...

so sorry to hear about your thumb... we don't have tv anymore so I miss the geico commercials... thanks for posting them - happy belated FF

Just Breathe said...

That blog link is awesome. I find it to be very interesting and I am going to follow it. Thanks. I love those commercials. I had gotten tired of most of the Geico ones but they must have gotten some new talent to create them. Hope your thumb is better.