Sunday, August 08, 2010


I went to the beach yesterday and decided to take a chance and do a little sightseeing...

by trespassing on properties that were for sale or rent along the Gulf.

I know, it wasn't the smartest decision, but it's not like I was taking a picnic basket and my umbrella and was going to stay for the day.

I just wanted to take some photos...

on someone elses property.

But I was claiming to be scoping out a place to rent or buy!

But no one asked.

It was incredibly sunny and I started worrying that I might get a sun burn so I ran into a surf shop and bought some sunscreen. 

I found some very tacky snowglobes.

I found this one area that was supposed to be a condo community, but they never got started.  There was a fairly decent trail for vehicles, so I took a ride down to the water to see the view.

Nice view!  I'm so happy that the developers didn't get a chance to clear the area because I really like how these trees frame the water.

I'm having a blast with my friend Steve and his family.  Right now they are dancing in the living room and I'm alternately snapping photos and blogging.  They are planning another trip next year - I may just sign up.

Hope your weekend was delightful!


42N said...

You have no end of cool subject matter to take advantage of in Florida. Keep it up. More, more, more.

Ann in the UP said...

Happy news indeed that people are vacationing along Gulf Shores beaches. Things look mighty nice too.

Of course, they usually do when you photograph them.

Our good news here, is that we are getting enough rain that our lakes and rivers may not disappear completely. (Enough to turn my garden into a jungle, but that's another story.)

Just Breathe said...

They are wonderful shots. I was talking about you on our drive to Mammoth Lakes yesterday. We passed a few awesome things that I would have loved to take a photo of but dh wouldn't stop! Maybe on the way home, I will be hopeful.

denise said...

east coast beaches are so peaceful and lovely...we've spent a lot of time at busy southern california beaches this year but i'd love to take a trip back your way one of these relatives have a place in duck, north carolina which used to be small and rural but even that has been more taken over by tourism i that you take risks to share these shots with us!