Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lillian, Alabama

I think that this past week should just be called my week of trespassing.  I pulled into driveways, empty lots, sandy paths and overgrown trails to get photos of stuff this week.  I think the thing that drives me the craziest is that I don't know why something is there, or who built it or what's the point.

There really should be something like a historical marker at each interesting spot so that my curiosity (just mine) can be quelled.  Or at the very least answer some basic questions.

Like...what's up with this place??

Why is there part of a car perched on the side of the house?

And why is there the front half of an old Ford pickup on the outside of this garage?

And the little black marker next to the stairs looks like a grave marker.  That's pretty close to the house for a grave.  The name on the plaque is Jesse.

I had an Aunt Jesse. 

OK, so she was really my Great Aunt Jesse, but that was just too many words.  She lived in a great house in Nebraska and then when she and her husband decided to downsize she got a double wide trailer and put it on a lot right by my Grandmother.  I thought that was a pretty cool trailer.  I'd never seen a new trailer before and I'd never been in a double wide.

I was young :)

Oh right, I was talking about this interesting house in Lillian, Alabama.  When I first drove by the place, it was the old DeSotos used as fence posts that drew my attention to the property.  There was this one here, one way down on the end next to the sign and then one on the other side of the driveway.

It was just strange.

My first thought when I saw the DeSoto was that I wish Lisa Ceaser was with me because she'd know how to make the most of this car in a photo.

This car was just sitting out there in the yard, a part of the fence, too.  It's odd I tell ya, just odd.

I couldn't tell if this business that was here was a stump grinding business or if it is the new business or if stump grinding had nothing to do with this place.  (It was on the sign at the end of this car fence.)  I originally thought this might have been a car lot, but the lawn was pretty well taken care of and the only cars parked on the grass are the ones along the fence.

I thought that this place was abandoned, but I realized that the permit stapled to a post at the entrance to the driveway was for a deck and it was dated just a month or so ago.  Why go to all the trouble to apply for a permit if you were going to up and leave the place?

Red trim on the house.

Red half of a truck on the garage.

Red muscle car along the fence.

Lillian, Alabama.

It's a puzzling situation.

Have a great day!


CDScott said...

You gotta love the South and the remnants of cars and trucks you find in the oddest places!

Lisa Ceaser said...

My husband, would without a doubt, knock on their door and try to buy the cars! He does that around here, but there aren't as many classics laying around (snow, ice, road salt = RUST).

Love this post!

Just Breathe said...

Very different!

Marla said...

So interesting. I do the same thing. I want to stop and get the rest of the story.