Monday, August 30, 2010

A little looking trip

I went to a consignment shop today just to see what they had. I don't need a thing at all, that's for sure, but it's fun to look sometimes.  No shopping for me, just looking.

I haven't seen redwood furniture in ages. It seems like everyone had a set in Michigan when I was growing up.  Funny thing is that I really wanted this set as soon as I saw it.  No plastic, no glass, it probably wasn't made in China either.  It'd look great on my porch right now and it's the perfect size. 

$227.50 is probably a pretty good price, but I wasn't shopping today.  I'll forget about this set in a few days, but it's just so perfect.  I'd love to have it.

Then I saw this mirror.  I really liked the round part in the square part, but it was a bit too curlicue for me.   It was on it's last discount and it's only about $18, but I'm not sure I can make it mine.   I've got such a short memory these days I'll probably forget I saw this :) 

This is a nice hutch, beautiful dovetailed drawers and a nice big area underneath.  The coolest thing were these ceramic drawers.  I just can't believe that none of them had been broken.  If I owned this I'd have broken one on day one! 

I find it interesting that one of the big drawers is labeled currants.  Were currants used that much to have a drawer made for it?  I think I've only used currants for Christmas baking and only once or twice. 

I adore these.  ADORE! They are ethnic, have palm trees growing out of window boxes, show buildings and doorways and arches.

These two pictures I did nearly purchase on the spot, but I'd have to have both and I wasn't willing to pay $36.  What a cheapskate! 

I just knew though, that if I purchased these pictures, I'd get the redwood furniture, too. 

Don't feel bad for me.  I have a a garage full of furniture and assorted stuff and I have a storage closet full of paintings and pictures.   I'll get over it :) 

I hope you have a great week!


Ann in the UP said...

What willpower!

The ceramic drawers are amazing. You'd have to mortgage something nowadays to fill a drawer with saffron!

And I'm with you on the artwork. I had some Utrillo posters in our living room in Skokie that were of Paris street scenes that remind me of them. I'm pretty sure there were no palm trees in window boxes, but they were pretty cool.

Happy Monday!

Lisa Ceaser said...

I love thos ceramic drawers too! So cute.

Does the different prices on the picture price tags mean on those dates the prices go down? What a peculiar way to price point. Who wouldn't wait a few months and save a few bucks?! Maybe that could be your motivation. If they are still there in Oct. treat yourself and put them in a rental!

jennifer said...

The paintings are definitely wonderful. Were they vintage or are they newish? Something about them makes me think 60's.

Have a great week!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

The MINUTE I saw that furniture I thought, "that would look GREAT on a porch!"

Kirby3131 said...

Jennifer - I do think that the paintings were vintage. I've been thinking about them all day, too!


Kirby3131 said...

Lisa - Yes, the prices go down the longer they are in stock. You take a risk that they will be purchased if you wait. The redwood furniture is already marked down to it's lowest had the red dot on it's tag.

Debby said...

I am such an impulse buyer that I am sure I would have bought something. Nice things and great prices.