Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tires Tires Tires

I photographed this building months ago and I think I used the last photo as a Photo of the Day.  I'm pretty sure I did. 

If I go and look it up right now, I'll get sidetracked, so we'll just assume that it was a POTD at one time.

This tire store has been closed awhile. 

Maybe having simply tires wasn't enough.

Maybe they needed to have expanded into rims, too.

Clearly having a 7up machine didn't do it.

What I really liked about this building was the red letters on white. 

It just pops!

Even the air hose was red.

I'm a bit dyslexic, but I almost always read the word tires as tries.

Used Tries.

We tried to get more tires, but tired out. 

I'll try harder :)

I always read unite as untie.


I always read untie as untie.

Untie has an unfair advantage. 


The funny thing about all of the lettering on the building is that each section is a different font.

I think that's why I found it to be simply interesting.

Sometimes I want to go out and photograph only red things.  Then I look at my photographs and realize that I've done just that. 

I simply like red.

...and purple, too.  It's my favorite color.

Have a great day!


Marla said...

I love the photos and the way you see things. Great post!

Ann in the UP said...


Have you got any words that you discover you've always mispronounced or misunderstood? I was amazed when I discovered that "misled" wasn't "my-zzled". And my bro-in-law has some troubles with infrared.

Love the red on white too. Even old and faded it still pops.

Charlotte said...

I simply had to leave another comment. Your eye for detail is sharp!

We share two things in common: I love taking pictures and purple is my favorite color. I take pictures for fun but you definitely have a gift!

denise said...

interesting! i like the tie of photos and words...and different ways of reading them...i must do that myself because it seemed very familiar reading it..."simply" was my favorite...i try to live more simply and would like a sign like that to remind myself...nice post...

Just Breathe said...

Interesting facts about this picture. It just screams retro to me. I have said it before but so many building in Florida are from the past, why is that? Is it the weather?