Wednesday, August 11, 2010

POTD - Seen Better Days

POTD - Seen Better Days

This dock certainly has seen better days.  It looks like it might not have faired too well during the hurricanes of Ivan and Katrina.  Or it might have been something totally different.  Do you see the one set of posts are all kattywampus?  I wonder what happened to them?  Maybe some unfortunate person ran into it with a boat?  Maybe there is a fault line right there at that point and the earth has shifted?

Maybe...  I like coming up with Maybes.

The body of water is called Little Lagoon and it's in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  The decking could be in Kansas for all I know, but the posts are indeed still in Alabama.



Faded Highways Photo Journal Exploring the Old Highways of the South said...

OMG..., Kristin this is an exquisite image. One that you would find in a fine art gallery. Great eye and wonderful work.

Thanks for the comment on the vintage maps. When I took the one shot of Jacksonville it reminded me of you. :-) I have only been there once. Bad memories. Not of the city, but the douche bag I was dating at the time. Sorry. :-) that just came out. Anyway, I need to revisit that city.

Maybe one weekend I can come down and hang and we can go out and shoot. I would love to go back over to St. Augustine.

Ruth Ann said...

I like thinking of "What ifs" too! Great photo!

42N said...

Beautiful. Again, nice work.