Friday, November 26, 2010

Fa La La La Shopping

My husband called me a few days ago and told me that he wanted to book tickets for us to go home for Christmas. Would I mind?

Ha! Would I mind? No. not at all. Book those tickets.

So he did.

Because of that one decision, it means that I'm having Christmas with my family. So I'm going to need some gifts.

While I've been gift hunting, I thought I'd log all of the pages and share them with you. I may not get anything that I feature, but it all passes the Kristin-thinks-it's-cool test.

Oh dear, I didn't look at the prices for anything, come to think of it.  I hope nothing is over $100. I'm shopping more in the $20 - $50 range.

Since I'm going home to Michigan, I thought I'd start right off with a Michigan item. love, California makes these state pillows.  I'm already very happy with this company because they included the Upper Peninsula. (Hi Annie!!)   Isn't it sweet?!  I can imagine a WI friend of mine that might like a little state pillow. 

BookBook for iPad. OK, this is pretty cool.  This is an iPad protective case that looks like a vintage book.  They have them for your Mac laptop, too.   I don't have an iPad, but if I did, I'd have to consider one of these BookBooks. 

Missed connections* on Craigs List has been turned into some really cool artwork from Sophie Blackall.  I originally found this artist through the blog Benign Objects, which is a great place to get lost.  I spent nearly a whole day over there! 

*Missed Connections is under the personals section on Craigs List. 

Dynamic Frames - easy front opening frame so you can change out artwork easily!

I swear all of the things I 've found so far all all things I'd love to have!  Then again, I don't think I've ever given gift that I wouldn't have enjoyed having. 

Tired of A is for Apple?  Well then, how about U is for Underpants?!

Love Love Love these XYZ blocks by Fred.  I'd love to have a set of these, too - and we all know I don't have any children.  You can't order these from the link at Fred's place, but you can order them through Amazon and a few other places.  I think I am going to get these for one of my nieces.  (I found this on Benign Objects, too!)

The Tinted Mint has the Japanese paper tape that is all the rage, but sold right here in the U.S. A.  The stamper, scrapper, designer, photographer, creative type would love a few of these tapes.  The Tinted Mint has dozens of styles.  These just happen to be my favorites.

These two calendars are from Miriam Bereson.  The Family Planner is customizable - you can add all the family members in their own spot, while the yearly calendar is a nice sized wall calendar. 

This plate comes from Just Noey who resides over the big blue ocean from the United States, but I couldn't resist falling for it.  For one thing the title of the piece is King Bob Hearts... Bob is a cat and he hearts a lot of things.

Speaking of kitties (Zora loves cats, so I've been searching for cat things) - I found this retro kitty print from Karin Grow.  Cute, huh?

Funny Mail Stamp - Do not fold, bend, etc.  The Terbear Collectables shop has a Santa Claus signature stamp, a cancellation stamp for the North Pole and a bunch of other fun stuff. 

I think that's a pretty good start.  I'll post a few more this weekend.  Since I'm probably going to buy everything online, I'll need to be sure to order early.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hooray, your going home for Christmas. Love all these links. I have put them in my favorites. Thank you.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

State pillows! Who'd a thunk it!!!

I can TELL the creator is NOT a sports fan, or she would have chosen DIFFERENT colors - - - she's given WI the Sparty Green and Michigan the Ohio State GRAY!!!

Sure, she'd have to make a couple of color choices for some states - - - like Michigan - - - that are split between two universities.

But I MIGHT be tempted to pay the $52 price tag for a RED WI with a white heart!