Friday, November 19, 2010

Purple Haze

Purple Muhly Grass is an ornamental grass hardy in zones 7-9.  As a perennial it loves full sun - perfect for mass planting in this median on a busy road in Jacksonville.   The purple haze above the foliage are the blooms that appear in October around these parts and last until the landscape guys come and chop them off!

Last year I missed getting a photo of the Muhly Grass because the landscape guys came quite early!  The purple grasses didn't even get a chance to fade to brown before the plants were cut to about 6" high.

The problem with this area is that there isn't a good place to park the car.   Ideally I would have liked to just drive up to the prettiest spot, let the car idle while I hop out, snap a few shots, get back in and go.


Today as I was planning my photography attack on the Muhly Grass I noticed a bank - just on the far side of that white rail on the right hand side.  Ah-ha!  I had a place to park without holding up traffic, being a danger to traffic or illegally parking at the entrance to a neighborhood.

I was afraid that I might be a distraction to drivers going by, but I hurried and tried not act like I was flagging anyone down.

Funny thing though, as I was parking the car at the bank a woman walking out of the bank smiled at me.  I smiled back (I hope!)  About 5 minutes later she pulled up in her car where I was snapping photos and handed me her business card out of her car window.  She wanted me to email her a photo if I would please.  I decided to just send her a link to this post. 

What fun!

I got chased out of Borders Books today.  I was taking a picture of their Christmas Tree in the front entry and I guess that's not allowed!  ooops.   :^)

Oh what I do for a photo.

Have a great day!


jennifer said...

Did Borders realize who you were?!! I mean seriously people, Kristin is a published photographer. Who chases a published photographer out of their establishment? Humph.

I am blown away with by the Purple Muhly Grass. Gosh that must look incredible when the wind blows.

jennifer said...

I am blown away both with and by the grass. :)

*note to self: proofread your comments

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You have me laughing with this post. Getting kicked out of Borders! You will do anything for a photo. The grasses are very pretty. Funny how that lady gave you her card.

Ann in the UP said...

Chased Out OF Borders?

How could they be anything but flattered that someone would want to photograph their tree?

I'm with jennifer! Do they not KNOW who you are? humph, indeed.

If I weren't an addict, I'd boycott Borders--------but you know how it is....