Saturday, November 20, 2010

Goin' to the movies

I've been to the movies twice this week.

That's a shocker really because I'm not much of a movie goer.

At one point fairly recently I had gone 4 years without going to the movies.

I watch plenty of them, don't get me wrong, but at home on any one of the numerous movie channels.

I've been wanting to get Netflix, but can't really see spending the additional money.

There's hardly a movie that doesn't come out on a movie channel.

The big advantage of having Netflix is that I could catch up on some TV series that I have missed.

That's not enough of a draw yet, but almost. 

I love watching movies though.

My favorites are romantic comedies, comedy dramas and some action. Mostly romantic comedies. 

I saw Morning Glory last Sunday.  (To see the trailer click here)

Harrison Ford was fun to watch as a grumpy man.  Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Noah Bean  - it was a good cast.  I have to say that I fully enjoyed the movie.  I'll see it again when it comes on cable. 

Today I saw Secretariat.  I loved it.  I loved it.  (To see the trailer click here)

Diane Lane and John Malkovich are wonderful in this movie.   The horses aren't too bad either!

I have to say that I've had a crush on Diane Lane ever since I was a kid when I saw her in the movie A Little Romance.    That was one of the first movies on HBO, so it played all the time.  I think I saw it a few dozen times.

If you've never seen A Little Romance put it in your queue on Netflix.

and if you haven't seen Secretariat, go ahead and see it in the theaters if it's still in your area.

All of the photos above are from the Regency Theater in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a corner of the building, the same corner, different views.

Unknown Mami

For more Sundays in My City please visit Unknown Mami.  She has a great group of folks that show off their towns around the world.  Thanks, Mami!

Have a wonderful day!


Tara R. said...

These are a nice study in black and white, even though they are color photos. Very cool.

Life with Kaishon said...

What a fun week for the movies : )
I want my son to see Secretariat and he picked the other Kids movie that is out right now. I can't even remember what it was. Oh well.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

May said...

I prefer watching movies at home than the theatre!!! I can laugh out as loud as I want and as long as I want :D without having to disturb a soul!!!!!

Sonya said...

I LOVED having Netflix back home! They have all the old school disney movies that I got my sons hooked on..classics like The Cat from Outer I usually wait until the movie come out on video too..Im not a big movie goer.

Have a wonderful week!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Very cool shots. I like the angles in which you snapped them. I used to have Netflix years ago but no longer really watch to many movies or TV. Diane Lane is a fantastic actress. Nice post.

Unknown Mami said...

I honestly can't remember the last time I went to the movies. We don't have cable, but we have the cheapest Netflix membership available and it is so worth it. We get to watch movies all the time and I love watching entire series seasons in a short period of time.

lisleman said...

Interesting set of photos for this topic. They have me wondering what was going in your mind to connect them to this post.

I don't understand what it is about popcorn at the movie theater but it always seems to taste better than at home. I typically go a few times a year.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's a cool building. I love romantic comedies too. I've been wanting to see those movies but haven't been you. Great people in them. We have had Netflix since it came out but my husband usually gets movies he wants to see. I do okay with the premium cable channels. My husband and I use to go to the show 2 to 3 times a week when he worked from home. Now we only go occasionally. Glad you went!

Joanna Jenkins said...

"Secretariat" is on my must see list. I'm a huge Diane Lane fan. I see A LOT of movies in the theater-- I like the audience interaction when I'm watching.

Great pics and an eye-catching painting job.

Happy SIMC, jj

Amy said...

Going to the movies is one of our special treats when we travel to the big city. I prefer to watch movies at home unless it is one that will truly benefit from the big screen treatment. But, for my husband and kids, there is nothing better than buying a ticket, popcorn, slushie and candy and settling in to watch anything--so long as it's in the CINEMA!
Thankfully, a movie experience is a bit cheaper over here.

newmami_rgv said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself... thanks for sharing the pictures as well. Always appreciate someone elses point of view.