Friday, November 05, 2010

for the love of a good towel

When I went to Michigan in July for a family reunion, I happened upon some wonderful dishtowels in a place called Mackerel Sky.  They were large and soft and beautiful and French and kind of expensive.  Since I didn't buy any at that time, I immediately started having dreams about them.

I know, I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to dishtowels.

Since that trip in July, I have been planning and scheming on how to acquire a few of the beautiful towels.   I could just buy them, but planning and scheming and figuring out how to get what I want was a little bit more fun :)

I thought about how many towels I needed (needed - can you imagine that me, dishtowel queen, would need more towels?) and I figured out the cost.  I even called the store to inquire the exact cost so that I could maybe budget it all out if my birthday hints didn't pan out.

I went to dinner with my inlaws and for my birthday they gave me a check.  A few days after that, I waltzed into the gallery and bought a stack of dishtowels.

I never thought of the in-laws in my plans and schemes! 

So the dishtowels I photographed are the ones that I lovingly chose for my new stash.  I ended up having to retire another dozen of my beloved old towels when I got home.  They have been around for 20+ years and just couldn't hold up to any more wear and tear.  A few of the towels were badly stained, so I retired them, too. 

I'm so excited that I was able to get a few of these towels.  I bet my dreams of owning them will finally stop.  Now all I need to do is send a lovely Thank you note to my Mother-in-law and tell her how much I love my gift.  She gave me the perfect thing :)

Have a great day!


jb said...

Oh do I understand your love of of the many things we share in common. My own stash of Michigan purchased Trowbridge Shoprite towels are fresh, fab and remind me of you and our fun weekend on a daily basis!

Ann in the UP said...

Your new dishtowels are I can't believe how hard it is to find some that are just right. Absorbent, pretty, and soft.

I got some in England that are pretty, but too stiff. And the terry ones are lame and don't absorb enough. Why do I need so many! I have a dishwasher!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love them, the colors are beautiful. Enjoy!