Saturday, November 06, 2010

Salad bowls

What a great day I had today. 

I mentioned back in June in my post, A shopping trip is in my future, that I had broken my last salad bowl and that I needed to get another one.

The past few months I have looked for replacements.

I have scoured art galleries, craft shows, antique malls.

My favorite Jacksonville location is the Riverside Arts Market, but the pottery people just haven't had the perfect selection the weeks I was there and I have come home again and again with nothing.

Today was different.

Lamb's Pottery was there and Gale Lamb, the potter, had exactly what I wanted!

She had a sale rack and I found a large deep bowl in a creamy color that I couldn't pass up for $9. (Gale told me that she was just rotating inventory and that nothing was actually wrong with the pieces on sale. I couldn't have agreed more! There was indeed nothing wrong with them.)

I'd already picked out one bowl and put it in my "bucket."

She makes the most beautiful cobalt blue bowls that were silky smooth and one of them was nearly perfect for the "I want to have a large salad for dinner" bowl.

Aren't these bowls beautiful?

The smaller green one was incredibly heavy and had a neat circular design in the bottom. It fit perfectly inside the cobalt blue bowl, so that was a bonus.

I think I'm set for many years now - let's just hope my dropping dishes days are over.

Have a great day!


Mrs4444 said...

They're beautiful. There is something filling about eating a big salad in a gorgeous, heavy bowl :)

Mrs4444 said...
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Ann in the UP said...

They are lovely. Good luck with slippage.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

You do love your pottery and those are some GORGEOUS "specimens"

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are beautiful. You did good!