Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friday Fragments

It's Friday Fragments Day!  
It's Friday Fragments Day!  

Our fearless leader is Mrs. 4444 whose blog, Half Past Kissing Time, is a JOY to read.  She has gathered many wonderful bloggers to Frag on Fridays and we love her for getting us all together.


I spent October in Michigan hanging out with family and friends. (The photos pictured are from my trip home - the three girls are my nieces, Zora, Stella and Scarlett)  While I was gone my husband stayed home to take care of everything.  The other day he left for Michigan.  He's going to stay for three weeks and while he's gone, I'll stay home and take care of things around here.  It's a really good system since we both work from home for the most part and spend 99% of our days together, in the living room, working on our computers.  It's good to have a few weeks of alone time.



Now I 'll pick on my husband :)  While I was gone, something happened to his phone.  There's a little latch that holds the SMS card in the phone.  Somehow he tripped that latch and couldn't get it to close again.  He complained to me a few times about this problem and I suggested many things to get it closed.  I even suggested running up to the Verizon store, just a block away, to have them look at it and replace the phone if necessary.  He didn't, of course, he just whined that his phone was broken.


I came home a few weeks later and about 10 minutes after walking in the door he complained again about the phone.  I picked it up, pushed the SMS card back into the phone and closed the latch.  He was so ticked off.  (I laughed!)  He told me the dozens of ways he tried to push that card back in and that it was no fair that I got it accomplished in one try.



I went to lunch today with a couple of my friends from the Liver Transplant Support Group.   We all went to Applebees because they were giving all Veterans a free lunch today.  In our party of six, all three of the men were Veterans.  Two of the men I've known for a few years now - they had never talked about their service.  What a pleasure it was to spend time with them today and learn about their service to our country. 


I was born on an Air Force base and yet it has never ever occurred to me, until today that my Dad is a Veteran.  He served his four years and left the military.  Since he never went overseas, I guess that's why it has escaped my thoughts all these years.  Happy Veterans Day, Dad!! and to all of our Veterans who have served here and abroad.  Thank you for all you have done.  Thank you.


I found two links that were fun, both from the same website. Take a look!

Simple, lovely photos from Between the lines.  What a neat timeline idea for creative types, too.

Create a lovely fabric covered coat hanger also from Between the Lines.


Have a wonderful day!


lisleman said...

So you and your husband take turns going to MI?
My adult daughter (born on an Air Force base) emailed today and asked about me being a veteran. Yes I'm a veteran but no I'm not a "war" veteran.
Ideally it would be great if all the veterans were NOT war veterans since who needs war.
Thank you dad for me - his service is appreciated.

42N said...

While at dinner tonight I saw a man and his wife eating a few tables away. He was wearing a US Navy cap with the name of the ship he served on. I went over to him, thanked him for his service and picked up his check and said this is on me.

Coby said...

My husband is a veteran (Iraq), and I had the same thought today about my dad - it just didn't occur to me that he's a veteran (Vietnam)because he never talks about it. He was an airplane mechanic in Vietnam, well before I was born.

Thank your dad for me. I'll kiss my husband for you. ;-) he-he.

Amy said...

Love your fall pictures. It's my favorite season.

My FIL used to travel for work a lot. My MIL would tell me, "I would never want to be widowed or divorced, but I love a good business trip once in a while!"

Heather Pranitis said...

Great photos! Absolutely love them. And your children are adorable. In Arizona, we don't quite have the fall colors like I used to get back in Illinois...

Kirby3131 said...

Heather - those are my nieces. I'd love to claim those wonderful girls as my own, but I'm just their Auntie :)

Kristin - The Goat

mimbles said...

There's definitely a certain appeal to 3 weeks of alone time, I don't think my kids would be too thrilled about the idea though.

Love the photos :-)

Ann in the UP said...

I always love your Fragments, and you always find interesting folks to direct me to.

I laughed at you not realizing your dad was a veteran, though. As though he was just a poser at the AFB! You are a hoot!

Unknown Mami said...

I love that you fixed the phone in one try.

Matty said...

Funny story about your hubsters cell phone. I think his ego got the best of him there. Of course, I wouldn't know anything about that. LOL

You both work from home together? Now that's different. No wonder you two need time apart. More LOL

The Crazy Coxes said...

Of course you fixed the phone!

Very cool that you were able to spend time with Veterans. It doesn't matter where they serve, just that they served. I'm thankful for them all!

Have a great weekend!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love the phone story, so funny!
The pictures of your precious nieces are adorable. My son-in-law and daughter went to Chili's yesterday for his free meal. How unusual that you didn't realize your dad was a Veteran. I guess it wasn't talked about much when you were growing up. It's so awesome that you and your husband get to spend so much time together. Have a wonderful weekend.

The Everyday Mommy said...

Nice to be back! (I've been such a blog slacker lately!) I've missed the Friday Fragment fun... You made me realize my Dad and Husband are also veterans... people don't have to get hurt for their service to count but somehow I had that way in my head. Thanks to them and your Dad too... it all matters!

Marla said...

Very cool. Guess what? I had an aunt named Zora. You don't hear that name every day. I love it.