Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fly Fishy Fly

Enough already on the photography class, right?

ha! ha!

I had a lab appointment this morning at 8:30 so I figured while I was up and out of the house, I might as well take a trip down to the beach with my camera. I thought it might be fun to use the new lens and to complete the "outdoor sunlight" part of the class assignment.

My goal today was to get the week one assignment completely finished and submitted.

Wanna see?

These are the four photos that were submitted for critique. They are SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) and have no editing whatsoever.    They didn't even need to be in focus, they just needed to have the right exposure according to our class assignment.  These all do.

...and they are in focus :)

I got some really good shots of Mocha, and some really bad shots, too, now that I think about it.  She was so curious why I kept laying on the floor.  A few days earlier I was on the floor with the Christmas lights and today I'm on the floor with glass jars with matches.

When I was in the office photographing the crayons, Mocha was right next to me, so I photographed her there, too.

I think it was nearing treat time, so she probably was making sure I didn't forget.

That was an old box of crayons.  I had never opened it.  I thought it would probably be worth more if it had never been opened.

It probably would have, but it's been banging around for about 20 years and it's been suitably antiqued on the outside.  Today was just the perfect day to open up the box and photograph the wonderful waxy goodness :) 

When I went to the beach I happened to see this large bird dive for a fish!

It was so cool!

Can you see him - he's beak first into the water.

The first time he dove (that I saw) he missed, but he circled around and got 'em!

I sure wish I had my zoom lens, so this is the best I could get for as far away as I was.

There's a little white fish being hauled out of the water...

...and taken away.

The bird got too far away for me to photograph it, but four or five seagulls were trying their damnedest to get this fish from the bird.  He was flying up and down and sideways to get the birds off his fish.  I hope he succeeded.  The seagulls don't need to steal the food from the bird that caught it.  The catcher should be able to decide if he wants to share!

Ahhh, life lessons.

Have a great day!


Unknown Mami said...

I can't believe you kept crayons for 20 years.

Julie Stiles Mills said...

WOW! I could NOT have taken those - they would have been blurry. I love the crayons. I'm really watching these photos, trying to convince myself to try...

42N said...

Nature at its best. I like the matchstick looking shot too.

Ann in the UP said...

Class or no class, you and your camera are a great match!

BTW, I love new boxes of crayons. I think it has to do with Big Box Deprivation when I was little. 12 was enough, no need for a box of 32 or 64.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The pictures looks great. Love the crayons and the jar of matches. I will love to hear what your teacher thinks. Great shot of the
bird diving for the fish.