Monday, June 28, 2010

A shopping trip in my future

If you have a fragile stomach I would suggest that you avert your eyes.


It's an ugly sight.

It nearly made me sick when it happened.

This was my salad bowl.

This is the bowl that I would prepare my "I'm having a large salad for dinner."

It has been around for a dozen years or more and used at least twice a week but probably more like five times a week.

This lovely purple bowl used to hold our veggies for dinner or was the bowl to make chicken salad.

It slipped out of my hands when I was rinsing it off and crashed into the sink.

We are now out of large salad bowls.

I broke the other one last fall.

I got a new bowl for Tom at the Riverside Arts Market a few weeks later.

OK, technically we aren't out of large salad bowls, because I clearly just stated that I replaced Tom's bowl that I broke.  However, that bowl is giant and it's too big for my salads.  I need a smaller, more functional one.  So in that respect, I'm out of large salad bowls.

Now I'm going to have to replace this one.

The thing is, I don't want a new bowl!

but I'll just have to make an effort to find a replacement. :)

Shopping for pottery is fun afterall.

I'm not the only one in my family that loves her pottery bowls.  My sisters and my mom have quite a large collection of them as well.

My sister is bringing her girls up right, as you can see from this photo.  (I took this when I was there)
Each kid has three pottery bowls in front of her with their lunch.  :)

Here's Stella with her bowl of green beans,  bowl of pasta, an empty bowl that had fruit in it and a few cucumbers on the placemat that didn't get a bowl.

All you have to do it teach them young that eating out of pottery bowls is great and they'll respect the dishes.

Alison says that they've lost a few bowls and she's bummed but it's worth it.  I know I've dropped enough glassware in my days.

Pottery is no different.

I'll be sure and blog about my new salad bowl when I get it!

I hope you enjoy your day!


Beth Fox said...

My sister also loves pottery. She is working on creating a whole set of dishes from various places they visit. Your nieces are adorable :)

Ruth Ann said...

Awww! That's soo sad! If you want to send me the pieces I could make you a mosaic photo frame or something? lol

I've never used pottery before. I never imagined it would be safe to eat from it...I thought it was just decorative. Where can you find pottery at? This is a new thing for me! lol

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I remember how much you love your pottery - - - why, you brought your own "stuff" in the back of your car all the way to Michigan last fall!!!

mudnessa said...

I hate when that happens. I had two little rice bowls my mom gave me from her collection. They were the rice bowls I grew up eating from, sadly I have since broken both of them. I haven't replaced them, I just can't bring myself to although it would be a great excuse to go shopping.

Lisa Ceaser said...

Ooh, I love bowls too. I try to pick up lonely ones I find at yard sales. I have them all around the house to catch stuff. At the front door to empty our pockets. In the bathroom to hold my jewelry. I hope you can find the perfect set to replace the ones you lost.

I hate it when something so valued gets broken. My Hubby accidentally broke my favorite drinking glass. It was from my college, and I'd used it every day.

Terri said...

a sad, sad day. I hate it when I have to say goodbye to a favorite utensil or dish from my kitchen. Hey, did you happen to get your new skillet? I love mine but scratched it already! I can't be trusted!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Good luck finding the perfect bowls! I'm with you totally! I would really like to have a full collection of Fiesta ware but budget keeps me from indulging! Also we did have a wonderful Pasta Stoneware set that I just loved! A huge serving bowl and then 4 smaller (but still dinner plate sized) bowls that were perfect for pastas or a meal sized salad. LOVED them. They all have bit the dust! Saw a set at Sam's at Christmas that I really liked but decided to *think about* since spending my on myself was low priority then. Went back and they had sold out! :( If I ever see them again I am snapping them up immediately!

Beth Zimmerman said...

spending *money*

My typing skills are sadly lacking this morning!

Kirby3131 said...

Beth - Thanks! They are adorable and I miss them already.

Ruth Ann - Thanks for the offer but I've already tossed the pieces. Goodness - I can't imagine a life without pottery. There are certainly pottery pieces that are purely decorative, but they are usually marked as such. Pottery dishes can be found at about any art fair, craft show, Pier One, Target, galleries, etc. If a store front says "Local Artists" there is usually a potter showing their wares. I find my bowls all over the place. I tend to only buy my pottery bowls from art booths, from the the artist or from an art gallery - that way I know it's not made in China. My plates, however, I got at Pottery Barn.

Keetha - Oh absolutely! The pieces I brought for that trip were ones that I got in California at a cute little shop, just a year before I moved to Florida.

mudnessa - One of my very first posts on this blog was about a pottery plate that I had broken. It's tough to have those treasures broken, but I have to use them. They do me no good hanging out in the cabinet unused.

Lisa - Oh, another bowl friend. Seriously, were we seperated at birth? You and I are SO similar!

Terri - yes yes yes I got the skillet. It's scheduled to be in the Friday Fragments post this week. I was in Michigan when it arrived so I forgot to tell you -oops!

Beth - that may just mean that you were meant to have a different set :) Be on the lookout because the perfect set is coming your way. The new reproduction Fiesta ware are surprisingly affordable and you don't have to buy them all at once because they aren't a seasonal item. You could probably get one dish every couple of months and have a whole set in a year or two!

Thanks everyone for the comments! This has been a lively discussion :)