Sunday, June 13, 2010

Favorite Things

Favorite Things

My blogging friend Mrs. 4444 from Half Past Kissing Time has come up with another idea for a carnival.  It's called My Favorite Things and she will periodically have different editions.  This week's edition is all about the bathroom.

I have a lot of favorite things all over the house, so I'm excited to be a part of this.  She has stated that the things we talk about must be items that we have not received compensation for from a sponsor.  Since I have never been sponsored, I think I'm pretty much free to talk about anything :)

Magic Erasers - Oh my goodness, I love my MEs.  We are so close that I've been able to shorten his name to ME.  I do not use any knock offs, I use the original Mr. Clean MEs.  I do however, like the extra power MEs as they seem to last a bit longer and I can scrub a bit more vigorously and get the job done in moments.

MEs can clean a tub in a minute.  That bathtub ring can be wiped right off with hardly any pressure. If you know me, you know that I tell everyone about a cleaning product that works.   I can hardly talk about a bathroom without talking about cleaning products :)

In keeping with the cleaning product theme, I have to talk about my secret weapon.  The Absorber - a sponge like cloth that is like no other.  I love love love it.  I wipe down my shower/tub area with the absorber after each shower.   I don't spray my shower down with any chemicals, I don't ever scrub it and I certainly don't spend more than a minute cleaning my bathroom shower area each time. 

Before I turn off the water I get my absorber wet and ring it out.  I turn off the water and wipe down the walls quickly, wringing the absorber out a few times.  The shower is now dry, no streaks and no water spots.  Once a week (or two) I bring a Magic Eraser into the shower and wipe down the tub before I turn off the shower.  My shower never gets cleaned when I am fully dressed :)  What's the point when I'm in there so often each week!

Ion Dandruff Solutions Clear-T Dual Action Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - My sisters told me about this product and it has completely made the flakes I get from psoriasis go away.  For a long time I only used the shampoo once a week or so, but once I started using it each time I shampooed I haven't had flakes.  Honestly, I never really had flakes, I had snowstorms.  The storms have gone somewhere else because they aren't here!  I am now a true blue believer in this ion shampoo.  You can find it at Sally Beauty Supply.

 I mentioned the other day that I bought a new shower curtain - I love it, too.  It's a new love, but a love nonetheless.

Oh, I could go on with all the things that I find to be favorites in the bathroom, like my turby twists, but I'll end now.  I could go on for a few days.

Thanks Mrs. 4444 for coming up with another great idea and I've always wanted to have a Julie Andrews blog carnival button! 

Have a great week!


Mrs4444 said...

If I do say so myself, this meme is a terrific idea! I really appreciated your recommendations, and I clicked on your links to check them out. The Absorbers are a great idea-I especially like that they negate the "need" for spraying cleaners all the time. I've used the Magic Eraser in the kitchen, but not the tub--Looks like I've got a stocking stuffer idea already for Kendall (who is the bath taker in this house!)

Psoriasis can be really tough-I'm glad you found something that helps, and I think other people will be glad to know about it.

Thanks for participating! I'll post the next "theme" on Friday (when I figure out what it is)

Just Breathe said...

Thank you for the tips. I like ME too but haven't used the tub ones, I better get me some! My daughter doesn't have dandruff buy often an itchy head, I wonder if that would help her.

Unknown Mami said...

I need a picture of you in the turbi twist.

Condo Blues said...

I am so trying that shampoo if my dandruff comes back. I had snow storms too. I finally figured out it was because I put my hair up while it was wet. Bad me.

I love me some ME too. It's the only thing that really gets the coffee rings off my counter tops.