Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sports Academy Sculptures

Many weeks ago I tossed out a teaser about several sculptures that I photographed and I promised that I would show them in a few days.

It's been more than a few days :)

In fact, it's been nearly a month.

My how time flies!

In my original post "Out with Dust Bunny Hostage" I showed many of the sculptures that we found on our adventure, but there was this one place, the United States Sports Academy, that had many statues made from recycled materials. They were so cool! 

Today is the day to show off those wonderful designs, especially now that I can download photos!!! :)

(The internet folks gave me a new modem today.  It made all the difference in the world!)

The first statue we saw nearly made me want to turn around and leave. 

I don't have anything against football, but Nick Saban and I don't have a friendly relationship. You see, he left Michigan Statue University just a few weeks before the New Years Day Citrus Bowl in 2000.    I'm still bitter.  I actually attended that game and we beat the Florida Gators, so take that Nick Saban.

BUT my Alabama friends just adore the man, so I try not to talk about him.  In this case though, it's hard to avoid.

Dust Bunny and I stood and looked at all of these statues for quite awhile.  We walked around and around them trying to identify the pieces used.

I love the action!

You can almost hear the oofff when they collide.

Mostly I love the football right at the tip of his finger.

This next sculpture was of a girl on a balance beam.

When I was a little girl, the years from first grade through third grade, I used to play Olympics.  I would put a 2 x 4 between two chairs and practice my routines. 

I had dreams of having my friends and I all in matching outfits, too.

(by the way, dust bunny loved the grape vine in the sculpture)

I was a really good toe pointer.

It's funny how the toe lined  right up with that electric line. 

This is the photo that I showed in the teaser nearly a month ago :)  I got a kick out of the shovel butt!

This statue was so tall!  I'd have to be taking the photo a block away to get it all in my frame.  I guess that's the whole idea - those basketball players are indeed tall!

When we were finished looking at the basketball player I nearly fell over when I saw the sign at the entrance to the academy.

Nick Saban was going to be in town that very weekend.  Ugh. 

Love this one.  I'm not sure why I like this one best exactly, it might be because of the red or that it has used a tire for a head - I'm just not sure.

I love love love those long fingers.  If you look closely you'll see a drop of water hanging from one of them.  That's cool :)

From the road it was easy to spot two of the sculptures, but you really needed to drive into the complex, park and walk around to really see all of them.  They are so fascinating.

Thanks Dust Bunny for taking me on an art tour.  I enjoyed every moment of it!

Have a wonderful day!


qandlequeen said...

They remind me of those pipe people walking around in the incontinence commercials.

Anonymous said...

omg these are amazing! I would love to walk around like you did and try to identify the materials used.

Mrs4444 said...

These are fantastic! Whoever made them is incredibly talented. Where did you say this is?

Just Breathe said...

You know what, these are really awesome. Really !!! When I first stated looking I was thinking about Bicentennial Man which I just watched on cable. They are really different.