Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mom's Park

Today I went on a fact finding mission.

I wanted to find out who owned that ice cream chair that I photographed in December.

The problem was that I couldn't remember exactly where I found the darned thing.

(I need to start keeping a log book in the car - it might save me hours of searching)

Although today it didn't take too long at all.


on the way to finding the road with the chair, I found a place called Mom's Park.

There was this lovely little canal that I saw as I was driving by hoping that I'd see something familiar.

Then there was this lovely little park next to the canal, so I had to stop.

As I was walking into the park this tree greeted me.

Isn't that just sweet?!  All of those lovely red bird houses... loved it!

Then as I was quietly making my way through the small park I noticed someone relaxing on the tree.

I quickly snapped some photos because although the boy looked like he was relaxing, he was actually being called to come home by a dad-like voice.  All I got from the conversation was this - where are you? on the tree.  I need you to do blah blah.  I can get it later.  I need you to do it now.  I can get it later.  Are you coming or not?  I'm on the tree.  Come up here. Geez!  (and he hops up and runs home)

It looks like the park was here long before it was dedicated to Patricia Austin, wife of former Mayor Austin.   I do like how it was dedicated to her, but named Mom's Park.  I could see the hands of many families in this park.

There were little trinkets and suncatchers hanging all over.  It looks like they've been added over time.

How lovely.

I'll tell the story of the chair tomorrow :)

Have a great day!

I have been at my rental condo downloading pictures so I can get this post completed.  The internet folks will be at my home tomorrow and will hopefully, cross your fingers,  figure this mess out. 


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

WAAAA HOOOO!!! You're back in photo posting business!!!! Is the problem resolved or just in temporary remission?

Love love LOVE the little boy lounging in the tree!

jennifer said...

I would really like to visit Mom's Park.

You would like the Kristin who's visiting us. She is awfully sweet.

lifeshighway said...

Hi I really love the large tree with the red birdhouses. I would like your permission to post the picture along with a link to your blog on our new little blog project called Cheep Rooms.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Ah Ha!!!! THERE it is!!! How did I miss that the FIRST time?

qandlequeen said...

I lived in Jacksonville for a whopping 6 months. The thing that terrified the living crap out of me? all of the canals. I have water issues. Add to the fact that ALLIGATORS live in that water??????? It is beautiful though.

Also love the red birdhouses!

Just Breathe said...

What a nice looking park and the tree with the birdhouses is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

love the conversation you overheard LOL .. the tree with the birdhouses reminded me a bit of that tree with all the left over red apples after all the leaves fell ..

Mrs4444 said...

What a wonderful place. I love it. Not sure the birds love having homes that are so obvious to predators, though. Do you think they are actually inhabited?