Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments!  Oh, I am so happy to have my reliable internet connection again.  My modem was not working properly and I'd been unable to download any photos for over a week.  I felt like I had lost an arm or something.  Talk about being fragmented!!  The internet-tech-man arrived yesterday and defrag'd me - or upgraded my modem to a new one :)  Happy Happy Camper.

Now that I'm back to my usual self I can once again enjoy Friday Fragments and can just put all of my random thoughts down on bloggy paper and get it out of my brain.  Thank you Mrs. 4444 for bringing all of us together!  You can read my frags here and join the blog hop if you'd like.  It's fun! 


I was trying to figure out what channel RLTV was on my cable system.  I keep seeing the Florence Henderson Show and seriously couldn't figure out what channel would have that show.  I just found out today - it's Retirement Living Television.   Ahhh, it makes sense now.


Rex Smith in Sooner or Later Do you remember this movie? It came out in 1979 and as far as I know, it was only shown on TV once. The funniest thing was that I had read that book just a few weeks before the movie.  The entire time I was really wishing I could hear the music and then BAM it was a made-for-TV-movie!  I've never forgotten that movie.

The reason this came up was because Rex Smith was on the Florence Henderson Show!  Of course, once I got curious about the channel, I had to watch it awhile!!  Oh my, how things change.  :)


I got my bloodwork results from my doctor today.  It is 99.9% great news!  The other .1% is that I need to lose weight :)  Actually I need to lose weight a little more seriously than just .1% but I was so excited about my numbers that it didn't even matter.


One thing that my new doctor told me was that Vitamin D is becoming something to keep track of when it comes to Diabetes.  Mine was a bit low at 24.  He said that he wants my number to be greater than 32.  His recommendation was to take an additional 2000 IU each day (in addition to my multi vitamin) and to try to spend time outside in the sunshine between the hours of 4pm and 5pm.   He said that he bets I'll feel a renewed energy once my numbers go up a bit.  I'm interested in renewed energy!  I'm also very curious to see if there is any change in my Diabetes once that magic Vit. D number goes up.


A friend of mine told me a funny tonight.  She said that she had a lip gloss with a brush applicator, she was chatting with someone while she was applying it when she realized that it felt funny.  Turns out she was applying nail polish!


This is the water fountain that is out in front of my dermatologist's office.  As I was looking at this photo I realized that the water was just pouring over the left hand side.  I think, just maybe that this fountain is not level!   That poor lion is drowning in water, every day.


I was a Mary Kay Consultant for many years.  I loved the company (still do!) and continue to use the products.  I always smile when I see a Mary Kay car driving by, but the hardest cars to spot are the Mary Kay Pink Cadillacs.  The new pink is so subtle that it's not as easy to spot as this one.  This car was in the parking lot of another doctors office (I've been busy this week.)  The Mary Kay decals have been taken off, but this is absolutely one of the older Pink Caddies that used to be given to Directors.

I love Mary Kay Time Wise Moisturizer, by the way.  Love it!


I hope you have a wonderful, delightful, fabulous weekend!


Jamie said...

Happy Friday! The fountain is pretty, but that is quite odd how the water is not level on one side!
I keep seeing the Cadillac SUV in Mary Kay pink around here, now that is one sweet ride! I love the satin hands set.

jb said...

Retirement Living TV?!!! Flo Henderson? Rex Smith? Did you plan on shooting back to 1978 that quickly?! LOVED that movie (so sexy rexy) always wanted Flo to be my mom. You crack me up Bob, you just crack me up!
On a serious note: Vit D has become a staple in my house, and it works for energy, mood, etc. Try it and see...

4 Lettre Words said...

So glad the blood work came back with good results!

RLTV cracks me up. We don't do TV, but if we did, I would so have to check it out.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Oh I so remember those pink cars!
Our homeless lady: last October on the first really cold night, it was raining my husband was out at a meeting. when he was leaving this woman fell in front of him; he helped her up and offered her a ride. She had no where to go so he brought her here. She is 83. She has 3 kids..I'd like to know where they are..she is like having a 2 year old!

brainella said...

Good blood work is a happy thing.

For all the people I know who have been Mary Kay reps, I have never tried her products. I think I'm too cheap. :)

Lisa Ceaser said...

I love MK, too. I tried to be a rep many years ago, but I stunk at the pushy sales thing. I kept my quota going for awhile by buying it for myself. lol.

I finally got a FF post up! Whoo hoo!

Angie said...

Hooray for good bloodwork results - enjoy that sunshine, for theraputic reasons only... LOL

I've never heard of retirement living television...hmmmmm... can I pretend to be in retirement if I watch it?

New follower from Friday Fragments btw!

Mrs4444 said...

I love the Timewise moisturizer, too; love how it feels, how it works, that it doesn't really have a scent, etc. Very nice. Loved the old color of the cars better, too.

Kristin, how do you get those dividers in your FF posts? I've been trying to find/make a suitable one for a long time and just can't find one I like! You're look perfect.

Retirement Network, huh? I look forward to that...

Good job on the positive report. Everyone needs to lose weight, including me...

omg-your friend and the nail polish!hahaha

Ana Goncalves said...

I found you over at Blog Hop on Jannies site. :) That fountain does look beautiful and very interesting. It's one of a kind. I'm glad that your blood results came back positive and that you have least to work on.
A very happy day to you, and enjoy whatever life brings. :)

Melani said...

That is funny about the nail polish!

That car is a cool pink. I remember about 16 yrs or so ago the pink MK cars were a hideous pink, that one is cool, I would drive it!

Anonymous said...

here's my fragmented response: Sooooo happy to hear about your bloodwork; keep up the good work losing weight and keep me posted about vitamin D; love mary kay too; in response to the drowning lion, never final pay a contractor if the job isn't done right; retirement living channel what a HOOT; and HILARIOUS about the nail polish OMG just HILARIOUS