Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Museum and Fountain

The other day when I went to downtown Jacksonville to do the Aha Moment, I decided after that was over to go over the big blue bridge and take the first exit.   I have always seen this building and the big water feature as I flew by to get onto the highway, but had never stopped.

On this day, I stopped.

The building above is the Mariner's Museum, I think.  There is a Natural History Museum in the same area, but I'm pretty sure that this building with the portholes must be the Mariner's Museum.

Just a hunch.

If you turn around from looking at the Mariner's Museum - this is what you see.

It was about 95ยบ this day and the sound of all of that water really made me want to jump in!  I guess that would be why the walls and the rail around the water fountain were so tall. 

Almost all of the water spouts were at the same angle, but there was this one rogue one.  It's the closest one in this view.

I like the way the trees and buildings look though the water and the spray.

Off to the side of the fountain was this large area with these giant circles!  I wanted to walk around each of the circles, but it was really really hot outside, so I just took the photo.  I wonder what kinds of events go on down here?  All of that space just has to be used for something. I'll have to investigate!

I captured this Mother/Daughter hanging out and protecting themselves from the sunshine.  (I need to remember to do this) The daughter played in the circles and run up and down the steps a few times before they left. 

I thought this was a really great Photo of the Day, but instead decided to keep it here with the topic :)

I don't want to be too predictable! haha

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Joye said...

Kristin- When I was a kid, we would go on field trips to the Children's Museum. Now, it's called the Museum of Science and History or MOSH, for short. After our trip to the museum, we would picnic and play around the fountain. My husband recently reminded me that there were about 10 or so separate covered picnic areas around, probably where the trees are now. I think the round building is the pump house for the fountain. Different colored lights used to shine through the portholes onto the fountain. This area is called Friendship Park.

Now, I'm curious to look through pictures and see if I have any from field trips and such.

I've lived in Jacksonville most of my life and it's so neat to see my hometown through your eyes! Thank you!!!

-Joye Hampton

Lisa Ceaser said...

Smart Momma with the umbrella. You can never be too safe anymore. Sun damage is scary stuff.

Love the fountain pics, you rock the bright colors!

Have a safe trip home, can't wait to see the pics.

Just Breathe said...

I love going on your adventures with you. Thanks!