Sunday, June 22, 2008


There is just something about barns that fascinate me. The black barns in Kentucky are so interesting, that I tried to catch a few of them in the lens of the camera as I was speeding by on the expressway. Here are some of my best shots.

This building (below) is one of my favorites. It is located on hwy 30 that runs from Lima, OH to Ft. Wayne, IN. I like this route and drive it quite often. I have no idea what this building was for, is for or can be used for... If anyone knows, I'd love to hear. It looks like it was specifically designed for a very specific trailer. I am just completely baffled and intrigued.

I actually stopped the car and got out to take these pictures. I didn't go into the tall grass - I wasn't prepared for mud, snakes, bugs, etc. So I just stayed on the side of the road.

Hope you enjoyed the mini barn tour!

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Denise said...

that last one looks like a (gray) jack-0-lantern!