Sunday, June 08, 2008

More on Walter

I posted about Walter, one of my tenants and a lung transplant patient a few weeks ago. When we last updated, he had taken a turn for the worse, but was still in the capable hands of the Mayo Clinic. Tom and I had gone up to see him in the hospital and he couldn't say a single word due to the tracheotomy.

Since that day, I have been working on the flips and took off 10 days to go to Michigan. Today while I was cleaning the condo they had rented from me, Walter and his wife, Liz stopped by. Walter got out of the hospital a week that was May 31st. He only had the trach in for two days he told me. I'm sure he willed himself to get better, just by having that thing in.

He looked amazing. He was breathing on his own. No mask, no canula, no tanks, no nothing. He has always talked fast but he seemed to be a bit slower, a bit more relaxed. It was good to see. I have been sending out the good vibes, prayers and good thoughts to him everyday, I'm glad I got a chance to see him.

Liz and Walter moved to a larger condo after he got his transplant so that family could stay with them. I would have prefered to have them stay in my unit, of course, but I'm also very happy to have had them for the 11 months that we did. I've got someone else moving in shortly. We decided, since we had some time, to rip up the carpet in that unit and put down a laminate floor. It was a good move, it looks great...and I bet it is going to be easier to clean, too.

So Walter is doing real well and it's all because someone was an organ donor. What a blessing.

Have a great day!

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