Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Walter - updated

Walter got called for his Lung transplant. I got the call last night around 7pm that they were on their way to the hospital. This means that he was probably transplanted just a few hours ago.

When I woke up yesterday one of the first things that crossed through my mind was something about Walter receiving a lung. I was not at all surprised when they told me that they had received a call from Mayo. It is so interesting how things like that happen.

I wanted to post this, so that healing thoughts can be sent to Walter through everyone who reads this. Also prayers for the family that has just recently lost a loved one. Thank You so very much for being a part of the Organ Donation process. Thank You.



Walter went into surgery last night around 1am and was out of surgery at 6:30am. The surgery went real well. He is in ICU at the moment and they have him on a respirator - but that is very very common with Lung transplant patients. The new lung takes many days to many weeks to work on its own. Walters daughter has arrived, along with her boyfriend, so Walter and his wife won't be alone through this.

I say alone, as in family - because Walter and his wife know nearly all of Mayo Clinic and nearly every patient in the place. They have a large group of friends around here, but still, sometimes you really need family. I'm glad that their daughter could come.

I was planning on going up to the hospital today, but have decided against it. The first day is usually really rough. I don't know what I was thinking. I'll go up tomorrow. Day two is usually a much better day.

5/16/08 - Walter took a turn for the worse yesterday evening. His daughter told me this morning that his new lung is totally inflamed and is not working properly. They put Walter back on a ventilator and are probably going to give him a tracheotomy. I have so much confidence in the Mayo Clinic that I am just positive that this whole thing will turn around and Walter will come out of it just fine. This is just a major bump in the road.

I'm still praying for you, Walter.

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Denise said...

keeping Walter in my prayers. Didn't see anything in latest posts, so assuming he's holding on.