Friday, May 16, 2008

Secret Scrolls

Some of the great thinkers of the past referred to the law of attraction as the law of love. And if you think about it, you will understand why. If you think unkind thoughts about someone else, you will experience those unkind thoughts manifested. You cannot harm another with your thoughts, you only harm You. If you think thoughts of love, guess who receives the benefits - you! So if your predominant state is love, the law of attraction or the law of love responds with the mightiest force because you are on the highest frequency possible. The greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing.

This is a quote from the daily Secret calendar page, May 15th.

I just recently purchased the audiobook of The Secret. I'm sure I have mentioned it before, but I have been just listening to it over and over while I toodle around town. It has a bit more conversation than the DVD. It just seems to explain a little more clearly the little tricky bits of the Law of Attraction.

I have really been focusing a lot of my energy into being calm and thinking good positive thoughts. House flipping can be very very stressful. I've seen it on TV on the house fliping shows and I've watched myself go off the deep end a few times when we were building a house and later when we remodeled our house in Daytona. The positive thinking and remaining calm has really worked. I hardly feel any stress at all about these flips. Sure I've had a few moments where I wasn't pleased but I got it resolved quickly.

One of my rental condos was vacated this past week, so I've needed to find a tenant. I wanted to go pass out fliers, but never found the time. I did however, keep it in my mind that someone would call this week. I just expected someone to call. I got one email and one phone call. Both people want the unit. I am supposed to sign the lease with one of those two people tomorrow. All this without even passing out one flier.

The Law of Love -- I like that. What do you think? Have you watched The Secret yet?

Have a great day!


Denise said...
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Denise said...

Yay for POWER of positive thinking!

(sorry, left a couple of words out, lol)