Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I just knew I'd be awake in the middle of the night tonight. We are just a few miles from one of my favorite places, IKEA, and my head is just bursting with ideas. Most people come to Orlando, FL to see the mouse and all of his friends - I come because of Swedish furniture. The Grand Opening of this IKEA was Nov. 14th, 2007. I ha a post-it on my computer desk for months with that date on it. I wanted to come down here for the Grand Opening, but as the day approached, I decided to wait until I really had something to purchase.

Tom designed an IKEA kitchen for the Jupiter Ct. house, so we came down here hauling a trailer, to pick up the kitchen cabinets and find two nice bathroom vanities as well. The kitchen is going to have white cabinets with beadboard door inserts & butcherblock counter tops. The appliances will all be stainless steel and Tom found this cool modern looking hood of stainless steel and glass, that I think will look real good with everything else.

So, I'm awake at 4am. My husband is sound asleep and snoring up a storm. I keep mentally wandering through the IKEA stores that I have been to, looking at all of the fun kitchen stuff, lighting and furniture. My house needs nothing. I have more than enough. The flips on the other hand, are so lacking that it is hard to not furnish them. We aren't selling them furnished, but we are staging, so I want a few things...but in a store like IKEA it is hard to just buy a few things.

Mr. Ingvar Kamprad (& family) that owns IKEA is the 7th wealthiest person in the world, according to the latest Forbes list. So the fact that I have a hard time buying just a few things is not something that is unique - Lots of people purchase IKEA products.

I just looked this up on Wikipedia "The acronym IKEA is made up of the initials of his name (Ingvar Kamprad) plus those of Elmtaryd, the family farm where he was born; and the nearby village Agunnaryd." I did not know this. I'm not sure how the nearby village got figured into the name, maybe it was just because Mr. Kamprad didn't want his store to be called IKE. I figured IKEA was a swedish word for "put it together yourself" or "flat pack" or possibly "No words, just pictures."

I am going to head back to bed. I'm starting to yawn, so that is a great sign. Night all.

Have a great day!


Neonalune said...

I'm so glad someone else here in Jax loves Ikea as much as I do. I was so excited we were finally getting an Ikea close enough to travel to...alas I will not make it there before I go to Atlanta in June. And you know where I'm going right? :-)

ttelroc said...

The Atlanta IKEA is very nice - in fact, it is set up almost identical to the one in Orlando. I've been to that IKEA three times I think. Enjoy your trip in June and be sure and save room in the car for some treasures!

and you live in Jacksonville, too :0)


Niki said...

OMG! I love IKEA! I am a total junkie when it comes to that store.


Kim said...

No words, just pictures LOL.....shhhhh I'm getting weird looks from co-workers :)

CC said...

I love Ikea! We just got one a few miles from my home last year! Woo hoo!

Denise said...

No, Ike's not a good swedish name, is it. Rollin' Rollin, Rollin down the river!

Words like Ikea have a way of finding their path into webster. Maybe one day, we'll all say, see my new floor? IKEA'd!