Monday, May 05, 2008

New stuff!

Now that we have started working on these flip houses, I see other things in my life that need to be spruced up. I have done something about a few of those things this past week. I bought new shoes and socks, that I mentioned recently but the other day I bought something even more exciting...

Bra's and underwear!

Ooooh the joys of new underthings.

The underwear, was in a smaller size, too. Gotta love that.

Oprah once had on a guest who said that bras should only be worn one day, then handwashed. So in order to go a full week, you'd need to have more than just two bras - smart huh? Well, I loved that suggestion and followed it for quite some time, until fairly recently.

OK, OK... I didn't handwash my bras, but I did buy a little bra holder for the washer. It is round and had a zipper and it holds two bras. I toss it into the regular cycle and then hang the bras up to dry. The reason why I had not been doing this as of late is because my bra supply had dwindled. I was down to just two bras. I don't do laundry that often anymore.

Now I have one bra for each day of the week, they all fit and I can do laundry once a week and have a nice clean bra to wear each day. It seems like such a little thing, but it wasn't. I'm so happy to have nice undergarments.

It is so much fun to get some new stuff every so often.

Have a great day!

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Denise said...

Not having worn a bra regularly since the 70s (yep, big as i am, i eschew them!), i've always wondered....

where do they wear out?

and if it's the front--can't they wait?

i'm so fresh!