Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I love love love this chandelier that is painted on the wall. I wanted to do this when we staged the Jupiter Court Flip house for sale. Although, I wasn't going to paint it on the wall, I was going to have it painted on a canvas and have it hung above the bed. I don't believe we will be staging the house at this point, as it quite possibly may be sold before we get to that point - so no chandelier over the bed.

When my sister, Hillary and I were out shopping for clothes in December of last year, there was a New Years dress section of the store where there were these beautiful acrylic & mirror chandeliers hanging. I asked one of the employees if those were for sale anywhere in the store and she said that they were just Props. Recently, I found those props in an online store out of the UK. I couldn't find a price for them, but the chance of me ordering one was probably nil anyway. The cool thing though, is that they do exist and a regular joe like me can order one, if the price is met.

Chandeliers are showing up all over as accessories.. printed on fabrics for curtains or pillows and even, as seen above, as wall art. I do fall for trends - but I usually don't buy them - but I fall. I look longingly at the trendy item in the stores or in the store catalogs. I see the items online and drool over them. I imagine where I might put such an item in my home and then I look around and notice that there isn't a chance in heaven that whatever it is I want, will fit into this already crammed to the gills household, the dream ends.

I still want to get a chandelier painted on canvas and hang it over a bed...even if it isn't mine.

Have a great day!

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"J" said...

I love it! I think it looks GREAT!